E3 2018: 5 Things We'd Like To See From Microsoft And Xbox

Cultured Vultures: The E3 2018 hype train is in full swing, so we've put together a bit of a wishlist of some of the things we'd like to see during the Xbox Press Briefing.

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FallenAngel1984208d ago

I’d like for Microsoft to get their first party lineup in order to an actual respectable state instead having its consumers settle for average results

AngelicIceDiamond207d ago

There was a leak on MS supposed press conference and looks like it could be the real thing. Its a rumor of course but it looks very, lets just say polarizing. I say some first party stuff but mainly 3rd party. Guess we gotta wait and see.

Jinger207d ago

I want to see Ori 2, Below, The Last Light and Ashen with a release date this year.

I want Gears 5 for Oct/Sep 2019

I want Forza Horizon 4 with another exotic location Oct/Sep 2018

Crackdown 3 either this year or Q1 2019 with an actual firm release date tho.

I want a Perfect Dark or Banjo Kazooie revival

New IP from the ex crystal dynamics Darrell Gallagher now that he is a lead exec.

Fable revival

Since 343i won't have halo 6 at the show, I want to see a Halo spinoff side project.

Elda207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

The most important thing first & foremost is to treat the fans to 3 to 5 never before or heard of unique AAA exciting jaw dropping XBO exclusives.

Rude-ro207d ago

But that is one of the current issues...
At this point, until it is hands on per consumer... what is there to trust on a reveal and the game will actually be?
There is no more hype-able situations.
This means, we are literally waiting for the next release, and the true player reaction until we can believe they are delivering.
Could be a long road

Vectrexer207d ago

Halo 6 info, gameplay
Halo MCC XB1X Patch available first day of E3!
More backwards compatibility from 360 and original Xbox!
New Gears Games
New IPO...
That would do it for me personally!