We are living in a new golden age of video game music

More than twenty years ago, Donkey Kong Country taught Malindy Hetfeld what the ocean sounds like. Its "Underwater Ambiance" is just that - drawn out, ambient sounds, melancholy minor chords and a relaxing melody at a leisurely beat. It captures perfectly what you see on screen; a level that isn't beaten through quick reactions, but by floating towards your next target and seeing where the current takes you.

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KyRo869d ago

I find alot of games music very boring these days. Where's the MGS1&2 music, where's the FF7 music, the sonics, the Mario's, the battlefields. They were just as memorable as the games themselves. Now alot of it is orchestral based which ain't a bad thing but where's the catchy melodic theme tunes gone. It's not limited to gaming with films very rarely have theme tunes anymore either.

The Wood869d ago

Try Olli Olli or hotline Miami for something fresh and impacting

360ICE869d ago

Almost none of the examples in this article are particularly recent. I get the point about music becoming more ambient, but just take the old Donkey Kong games versus Tropical freeze, for an example of how games are settling for safer soundtracks with less personality.

The indie scene is still making amazing music. Celeste, Into the Breach, Red Strings Club just this year. Not to mention classics from the last decade like Journey (in the article) and Hotline Miami.

isarai869d ago


90% of video game music these days is generic orchestral gibberish. It seems big developers are too scared to give their games some unique personality when it comes to their soundtrack. Sure every now and then something comes along that really stands out like NIER, but most games i play through and get to the end without even the slightest memory of the OST because most devs just treat it as background noise.

For example, when i remember back to playing pretty much anything on the dreamcast and early PS2, the memory is always accompanied by the OST that was playing be it Max Paynes echoing ambient bass or main theme playing in the pause menu, Jet Grind Radios super brothers while chasing baddies in the sewers, loud a$$ j-rock blasting in dynasty warriors, chill beats and lounge music in gran turismo 3-4, or awesome whistle track the played on the train level in red dead revolver.

but now? hell even Zelda BotW had an OST that paled in comparison to ANY of the previous games, 99% of that game is "duh..................... ............................... ............................... ............................... .............duh duh........................... .......duh?"

I'm sorry for the rant but this is one of the main areas that i miss from older games, they used to go HAM on their OST to instill a strong and consistent vibe throughout the game and usually for each individual level/area, but now it seems to be one of the lowest priorities, they really just try to have a somewhat unique main theme then the rest is whatever.