God Of War PS4 Is On Sale For $47 In The US

When a big new game comes out, it often takes months before we see a significant price drop. The PS4 exclusive God of War launched less than a month ago, but you can already get it for $47--that's more than 20% off.

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Smokehouse156d ago

Day one games are 47 dollars before tax at Best Buy. The gamers club program is 30 dollars for a 2 year membership. If you buy physical copies of new games then the deal is hard to beat. You get 20 percent no matter when the sale drop is. If a game is 20 dollars you get it for 15. I have gotten many free games with the preorder bonuses as well, many games will give you 10 dollars for preordering.

Sgt_Slaughter156d ago

I love how it mentions how Amazon and Best Buy's discount programs cost money like it's a huge problem. Yes, this discount is better by $1, but literally every other game is $48 or lower at launch with Gamer's Club Unlocked. Once you buy three games it pays for itself.

Minute Man 721156d ago

Can't beat using it for 2 years. I've saved so much $$$ and that 20% off CEs can't be beat

walken7156d ago

Worth every hacksilver...boy.

UCForce156d ago

Highly recommend. People need to buy this game.