Metro Exodus Has Been Delayed

After being announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference with a 2018 release date , THQ Nordic has today announced that Metro Exodus has been delayed into the first quarter of 2019.

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UltraNova181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

I never had a single doubt that they would delay the game into 2019. Who wouldn't when Spiderman and RDR2 will be dominating throughout the last quarter. Not to mention the new BF and COD...

Edit: More time to polish it even further then...

YEP414181d ago

Stop it with the spiderman

Dark_Knightmare2181d ago

@yep414 why should he stop it Spider-Man is a huge brand and the game is going to be huge. You’re just fooling yourself if you believe otherwise

sprinterboy181d ago

Although I agree it's best for the delay, I still think this underrated gem would still sell to the people who have played and bought the other games in the series.
It still astounds me that metro last light sold less than a million in physical copies. One of the best franchises for story telling and atmosphere in the last 20yrs imo. If you liked half life or Stalker series you should definitely play the previous games. I'd go as far to say why bother playing metro if you haven't played or at least read the books.

81BX181d ago

Spidey is a clown. Send in wolverine!

Crazyglues181d ago

@ UltraNova

That thinking is a big mistake my friend, Christmas money, it's the perfect time to get sales.. Instead of buying a console, gamers will be buying games.... A lot of games, and getting games as a gift.
--> Why would you move to a time when Gamers have dried up there funds... you really think the gamers who bought -

The New Assassin Creed,
Rage 2,
Battlefield V,
Battlefield Bad Company 3
COD Black Ops IIII,
COD MW42 Remaster
Red Dead Redemption 2,
Spiderman 2018,
The Division 2,
The Last Of Us 2,

are going to have money left over to buy games in march 2019.... LoL -They won't even remember your game is launching.
(Even if they don't get the whole list the average gamer is getting 5 games this fall)
So if your game is not launching in 2018 your in the worst time frame ever for your game.. Early 2019 games are in trouble... I wish them the best but I can't see how that new Launch date is going to be a good thing...

Not to mention this game list for fall 2018 is so big I will have to balance time and games, because there is not enough time to get to all these games, so I probably won't be buying more games until fall of 2019... LoL

Crazyglues181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

All these disagrees, but your wrong, how in the world is March not a death trap... of course launching with everyone else is not the best time, but launching later will be worst... Tell me how that's not true, who is going to stop playing COD or Battlefield to pick up new games in March..? Come on let's be serious for a second..

At least if you launch with the big dogs you have a chance of being picked up because of extra funds for the holidays, and don't get me wrong the die hard fans of the game are getting it either way, I'm talking about the casuals, they are not stopping there stock pile of games from the holidays to pick up this in March..? Tell me how I am wrong?

UnHoly_One181d ago

I don't think every game needs to try to avoid RDR 2 and Spiderman.

It's just silly to think that those games are going to cut into sales of a completely different type of game.

I guarantee you there are plenty of Metro fans that couldn't give 2 craps about Spiderman or RDR.

And plenty of people that would buy all 3 of them.

UltraNova180d ago

@crazy and unholy

Remember Titanfall 2? Specifically, remember when EA decided to release it near BF1 and COD? Now apply that lesson (apparently one that you both never learned) to Metro-an FPS- getting released along with BF and COD and don't forget to think like a dev- risking their hide- would, not like a risk free gamer sitting on his couch commenting on N4G while eating Doritos.

It hasn't even been a day since I was talking about people's short memories...

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showtimefolks181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

I think this is good news for potential sales. A game like this needs to get media and fan attention but that most likely can't happen during fall 2018 when you have so many AAA games

With recent success of games Launching early in the years and doing well, hopefully this will prove to publishers if your game is good it will sell well you don't need to just focus on holiday Season

I expect few more delays just because of RDR2 and its potential impact

TheColbertinator181d ago

Too many games in the fall so this works for me. Delays are a good idea sometimes and I wish more gamers understood that.

MIKE702KA181d ago

Rage 2 killed its thunder on top of the post apocalypse similarites very good move to many open world zombie games coming out this year

Psychotica181d ago

Rage 2 had ZERO to do with it..

PhantomS42181d ago

How many good games does Rage have? None, now what about Metro? Two. It had nothing to do with Rage 2: The Unwanted Sequel

TheDarkArtisan181d ago

So far in 2018, I've only purchased two games.. Far Cry 5 and God of War.. not through lack of funds. Both great games. Bitterly disappointed about delay of Metro Exodus to 2019, along with Days Gone, and now the more likely delay of Borderlands 3 to 2019 too. What we are left with are the annual COD, Fifa, and regular new Battlefield incarnation, plus Red Dead Redemption 2, Tomb Raider, Spiderman (hope its not QTE riddled), Dreams. I'm praying that RDR2 has a more involved and interesting open world than the original. I'm hoping that Biomutant and Kingdom Hearts 3 get a 2018 release, and that Crackdown 3 lives up to its promise. Bar any genuine surprises at E3, its looking quite lean for this years releases for me. Roll on 2019..

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