After God of War, It's Time to Ditch Pre-Rendered Cutscenes

For the ways I have nitpicked God of War, there’s certainly one area where it’s been flawless, and that’s its presentation.
Generally, Sony’s first party studios have been very good at harnessing the PS4 hardware to produce exceptional results, emphasizing during their big conference demos that everything you see is running in real-time and in-engine on PS4. Which naturally leads me to wonder why, when it comes to big reveals from publishers and marketing, that pre-rendered cinematics remain widespread when games like God of War prove they aren't necessary?

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FallenAngel19841838d ago

I can’t imagine Square Enix giving up using pre-rendered cutscenes in their games

UltraNova1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Would you like that? I wouldn't. Pre-red cutscenes are in SE's DNA. I wouldn't have it any other way.

As for GoW...what more can I say...perfect execution. I cant imagine how much planning and work they had to put down in order to nail the one shot camera thing throughout the whole 25~ hrs it takes to complete the game.

Excellent work SSM!

Goldby1837d ago

Cory was saying the hardest part was the transition. From gameplay to cinematic.

Having to incorporate the level design into it as well to ensure the player is in the right place at the right time to start the cinematic

UltraNova1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )


I can only imagine how hard that must have been considering every player would approach each part at a slightly different angle/spot..damn!

Goldby1837d ago

thats what he was talking about, not just makign sure that the player is in the general right area but in terms of level design making sure the player going in the right direction. the only time i noticed it was a little tooo scripted was when we first encountered the draugrs in the tutorial, it takes control away and turns us to the right to see a draugr go after atreus

rainslacker1837d ago

There's no need to. Some games can do well with them, some do better with in-game renders. It's another situation of someone acting like one thing has to take over another because it's executed well somewhere. Both work fine, and it depends on the game.

UCForce1838d ago

Which is refreshing to be honest. One shot camera is just amazing.

ScootaKuH1838d ago

Yeah! When I first started playing it I couldn't work out what was different about the way it was presented. It was only after I read a review that talked about the one shot camera and then it all made sense. Very impressive to say the least, technically and from a presentation standpoint

salmonade1837d ago

Honestly I hardly noticed it either. That is a testament to how amazing it is and how much of a great job they did. I was just immersed in the story and gameplay. It was as close to flawless as you could get.

doggo841838d ago

"For the ways I have nitpicked God of War" it's the popular and hip thing to do

DivineAssault 1838d ago

Agreed... That no cut camera was so damn amazing too.. I cant help but notice all the erratic cuts in other games now..

rainslacker1837d ago

It was. But in the end game while I was cleaning up for trophies, I would have been happy with a quicker fast travel mechanic. Even if it meant loading screens.

Otherwise, it was very well done, and I have no complaints about the presentation at all.

zielocz3k1838d ago

after GoW 2018 i want first God of War to be remade in same style :D but i also want sequel already :D amazing game

DivineAssault 1838d ago

Youd need jumping mechanics unless its redesigned in every way.. Really good idea.. Maybe a separate dev team while the main team works on sequels..

sinspirit1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

That would be interesting, but the new combat is more about control and not simply hack and slashing. Which is a huge focus on what he is trying to teach his son. I could see a mix between the two if they were to ever fully realize the previous games combat mechanics. Seeing the grand scale of some of the bosses and structures again but on current and next gen hardware would be great.

It would have been awesome to be able to play Kratos' fight against Zeus at the end of GoW III as a secret in GoW4, but with a lot of tweaks to blend both games mechanics together, and then to allow us to see past the final cutscene to find how it led to GoW4.

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