Steamboat Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan Launches Kickstarter Campaign - Trailer

Explore, collect, craft and fight in an exciting adventure-RPG with a 1930s cartoon art style inspired by classic Disney cartoons, a variety of challenging creature encounters and an endless amount of discovery, both by land and sea!

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RainOfTerror208d ago

While the aesthetics are similar, cuphead was a platformer, this is an action/RPG.

DivineAssault 207d ago

Right but theyre ripping the aesthetic on purpose to promote their game..

ClanPsi1208d ago

I find it pretty amazing that people still try to fund video games on Kickstarter. Nobody trusts KS for digital content any more.

DivineAssault 208d ago

Bloodstained seems good but thats literally it lol

dunnyone208d ago

Thought this was cuphead DLC. Turns out it's just shite.

Platformgamer208d ago

seems awesome, but i don't give any cent on kickstarter, i don't 100% trust no one.
i hope they find a publisher or other people trust them and give them money