Far Cry 5 proves that having a lot to do doesn’t guarantee a fun game | Entertainium

"If videogames could be graded simply based on a list of features, Far Cry 5 would easily be one of the best games out there. As with its predecessors, its map is pretty big, there’s a ton of things to do and the story is as goofy as ever, but unfortunately, none of these things really makes Far Cry 5 be a fantastic first-person experience, because regardless of its lengthy laundry list of features, it manages to be a middling game." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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sKiiTs8208d ago

i had to return this game after finishing the southern part of the game, found it so boring.

NewUser101208d ago

Honestly found the Faith part to be enough of the game for me. Between the messing around and just wasting time and doing all the missions and capturing outposts in her area I seriously had no desire to continue. I got all the weapons I wanted to use, I thought she was a damn good protagonist, and, yeah, I killed her and just felt like I had enough of the game.

Meh, might return to it some day to finish it but I thought they did a good job with her and considering I destroyed the Bliss factory it sort of felt like the end of the game to me despite there being two whole other areas and the "main" bad guy.

Eldyraen208d ago

I found it better than all of the others personally. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t locked out of half of the world and it simply had a more livable world than the others which i just enjoy in open world games to begin with.

Not the best story though and I wasn’t a fan of forced story segments while just playing around. Only FC (besides Primal which was a bit shorter than most) I didn’t feel I had to force myself to finish.

showtimefolks208d ago

UBI games all feel the same to me

nowitzki2004208d ago

I dunno some are 1st person some are 3rd /s

Yeah too many chores in their games. Who likes chores?

showtimefolks207d ago

That's what I am always thinking when playing open works games give us better quality even if it's less content

But than again I have seen some trolls on this site make the argument that sea of thieves is better than God of war because you can play it longer. I think even the publishers are confused and think we just want all the content

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The story is too old to be commented.