RAGE 2 Pre-Order Bonus Revealed; Game To Be Powered by Avalanche's Own 'Apex' Engine

While RAGE 2's pre-order bonus got revealed by Amazon, Avalanche Studios confirmed that the game will be powered by their own Apex engine.

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KaiPow249d ago

So maybe this will actually be tangentially related to the first game. That armor bonus is named after the protagonist of the first RAGE, Nicholas Raine.

DarkVoyager249d ago

Didn’t the first game use the ID Tech engine? How is the Apex engine compared to this?

UltraNova249d ago

Not too favourably I'm afraid. ID tech engine is superior, especially in the optimization department. But in the trailer we can see ID Tech is involved in some capacity so they might have upgraded Apex engine to something close to ID's engine.

isarai248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

Ultranova - That's not how game engines work

DarkVoyager - id Tech engine has never been used for large open worlds like this, so it likely just can't do it very well, and why try and alter the hell out of an engine to get that function when the team you hired already has an engine built from the ground up for open worlds ready to use?

How it fares? well it looks gorgeous and allows for some pretty amazing landscapes, however in the case of Just Cause 3 it can chug like nobodies business, hell the skyfortress DLC no exaggeration runs in slow mo whenever you get close to the skyfortress. Something mitigated by PS4's boost mode but leaves standard PS4 users with a mess when it comes to performance. That however seemed to be greatly improved with MadMax, played that game for about 50hrs on a standard PS4 and never remember any instance of performance issues so improvements are being made.

Also i'm sure Id/Bethesda had some tips/advice as far as improving performance and keeping things running smoothly. I personally feel it's a safe bet this'll have about as good of performance as MadMax or Far Cry 5 if you want a more apples to apples comparison

Imp0ssibl3249d ago

Too bad it's not I'd Tech...Disappointing.

porkChop249d ago

id Tech 6 is pretty great, though Avalanche built their engine specifically for open world games. This might work better for them.

Cajun Chicken249d ago

It looks rather good in first person, doesn't it? Honestly thought it was Id Tech again.

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The story is too old to be commented.