Nvidia And AMD Are At Each Other’s Throats Again

Late last Friday, Nvidia said it was cancelling its controversial GeForce Partner Program in the wake of criticism that it was anti-competitive and an attempt to increase the company’s hold on the graphics card market. It’s the latest development in the ongoing saga of Nvidia and rival manufacturer AMD waging dueling PR campaigns in an attempt to win over PC gamers and other potential customers.

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MeteorPanda156d ago

theres pr and then theres that bs partner program. they had to be breaking so many consumer laws with it.

tl;dr of what it was. if you sold nvidia cards you were restricted to just nvidia. you wernt allowed to sell any other card.

KTF26156d ago

not exactly
they can sell but under another sub brand
ASUS introduced AREZ sub brand for Radeon cards after signing GPP instead of ROG

the real problem is with OEM and laptops with iGPU and nvidia dGPU
the sweet irony is GPP can be a problem for nvidia Optimus

GameBoyColor156d ago

I like how they were all about transparency(they weren't) but when it came to cancelling the program they just said "due to misinformation" lol. Didnt even try to explain themselves.