Top 20 Most Popular Games of 2018

Do you want to know what the most popular games of 2018 are so far? Well no worries because we've got your back. Without further ado, here is our roundup of twenty of the most-played games of 2018.

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thorstein153d ago

I actually don't care about popularity. I care about quality.

Wiehahn152d ago

Totally with you on that one! At least a few quality gems on the list though lol. What are you playing at the moment?

thorstein148d ago

Just beat Ni No Kuni II. I am picking up Detroit Become Human next.
Battlefield 1 is my go to for MP right now.

Wiehahn148d ago

Detroit Become Human looks amazing! Yeah had great fun with Battlefield 1, but combo of PC specs and perpetually high ping made MP a bit unplayable for me. So now I'm playing Day of Defeat: Source to get my WWII fix lol, still such a brilliant game.