God of War had a terrific story, but a terrible plot

"God of War’s story is what made the game so great. Seeing Kratos and Atreus’ relationship develop and evolve kept me hooked throughout the thirty-hour campaign. Especially captivating was the growth of Atreus. At the beginning of the story, Atreus was just a kid. Sure, he was a more skilled archer than your average 10-year-old kid, but ultimately he was a child. He was immature. He was immature. He lacked understanding for the events transpiring around him. Atreus was adorable, but he was no warrior." - Playstation Enthusiast.

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AspiringProGenji158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

The plot took a hit but it is far from ''terrible.'' Even Cory himself said the game lost a bit of the ''Why'' but I rather the plot take that hit and have all this freedom to play than the other way around.

mikeslemonade157d ago

Plot is a part of Story. So overall the story was great.

blitz0623157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

The story itself isn't impressive, but what really stands out is the production, direction and narrative the game followed - how they developed the relationship of father and son, how Kratos' past will always be a part of him, how the Norse gods are connected to him and his journey. It's amazing how they put all the pieces together so seamlessly

AspiringProGenji157d ago

The Story was pretty much an escort. The journey however was great and interesting.

SuperSonic91157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

As usual professional journalists can not tell the difference between character driven stories to plot driven stories. Smh

They do noy understand the simple plot - complex characters method

They mistook what is "simple" with "terrible". To carry Faye's ashes to the highest peak is the plot. Nothing terrible about it.

fonger08157d ago

Calling the plot “terrible” is a bit extreme and definite hyperbole. Developers need reason to add in extra pieces of gameplay even if the missions seem a bit redundant or “fetchy.” I personally never felt as if the game was “padding” extra gameplay especially with the cool “Norse storytime moments.” The story itself was good if not a little bit cliche and predictable especially about 2/3rds of the way through. I thought where this game really shinned was how they developed and progressed Kratos into a sympathic, likeable character that didn’t feel like a complete 180 from the previous games. That to me what was so special about the story and made it stand out so far from other games using the same character.

UltraNova157d ago

Couldn't agree more. They did justice to Kratos character and thats the biggest success story in GoW.

Cant wait for the sequel!

rainslacker156d ago

Plot was simple. At least the main plot. The sub-plot of the development of the relationship between the two was what was really important. That was pretty involved and took place both in the core game, and even more in all the side stuff that could be done.

Pancit_Canton157d ago


I think this New God War Universe is going to be even bigger than it's previous predecessor. I think plot for the first one is just perfect. It's building all the Lore, Characters and Locations. It's a good introduction for the future God of War next installment.

nowitzki2004157d ago

Thanks for adding ***spoilers***. I didnt need it, but thanks for looking out for fellow gamers.

Veneno155d ago

So you are in an article about thw story because you didnt wwant to be spoiled?

MeteorPanda157d ago

nothing you said was spoilers btw lol

Goldby157d ago

I know, didn't even talk about the beard of beards

Obelisk92157d ago

Yeah that's what I think too, the plot was not so great because it was intended to create something bigger, bolder and more epic in the next installments. It's like Breaking Bad season 1. lol

Let's just hope the next game comes out soon!

-Foxtrot157d ago

"Can’t access a world? Well, it’s probably because someone didn’t set up the transporter correctly. Spend ten hours reaching the “highest mountain?” Just kidding, the highest tower was in another realm! The story binding everything together seemed itself to be haphazard"

But isn't that most games anyway? Even the best ones have something where an event takes place which foils your perfectly smooth sailing plan resulting in the story taking longer to reach it's final destination.

thornh157d ago

I'm guessing the author of this article should stay far, far away from Death Standing when it comes out.

Goldby157d ago

That's the basis of story telling.

You have your introduction to the characters and possible villians at the beginning of any story, followed by an inciting suggestion. That is foreshadow for the inciting event which kicks off the actual story and pushes the characters to a "call to arms" state.

Act two begins at this point, for Gow, that happens after the fight with The Stranger.

Act 2 generally consists of conflict after conflict, not always physical conflict but also emotional conflict, forcing the character to make decisions based off of their morals and upbringing. Which helps build the character as a whole. Generally speaking this is the hardest act to write.

Act 3 consists of the climax, resolution and conclusion. A point where there is no return. For Gow, that's a certain scene with the world tree and realms. Not only figuratively speaking, but literally as well.
The resolution was Kratos' decision to break the tradition ans conclusion was spreading its ashes.

Proper plot points in any form of story telling are best when the characters/audience do not always know why it will be benificial to them. Having the events push the characters to places they wouldn't have otherwise went.

And as for the Odin baldur and thor chasing them, there is enough explanation through norse mythos and in the game to know why Odin sent Baldur, and why thor showed up as he did.

Plot points don't need to be highlighted in neon but are best when subtly added that changes this in the long run over the near future

Just my two cents

Obelisk92157d ago

I know right. That's not a negative point, it's just a way to tell a story and it's a good way.

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