Red Dead Redemption 2 Can Deliver Us From Open-World Mediocrity

Twinfinite writes "For too long the genre has been treading water rather than pushing forward to that next dimension of realism and immersion. Thankfully, salvation sounds as though it might be on the way in the form of Rockstar Games’ hotly anticipated sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2."

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maybelovehate155d ago

Breath of the Wild is by far the best open world game ever created, so not sure what this mediocrity you are talking about is.

gamerpop155d ago

You should read the article next time before you see a title and get butthurt.

"Not that if Red Dead Redemption 2 does deliver in these features that it would be the first to pioneer new invention in the genre, of course. ... the physics that governed Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in combination with the climb-anything traversal mechanics introduced a whole new level of interactivity we’d never seen before, moving things on even further from the revelation of Assassin’s Creed’s parkour that is now over ten years old."

maybelovehate155d ago

Why would I read an article with a title that directly contradicts the content. Thank you for reading it to find out it was clickbait though.

gamerpop155d ago

You need to be sectioned - you think an article can't discuss its premise without balancing itself by discussing opposing points? You're everything wrong with the gaming community.

RememberThe357155d ago

Dude is not "everything wrong with the gaming community." Your hyperbole might actually be a bit closer, and maybe the same sort of hyperbole used in this headline. Maybe when we're bouncing around on this site, many of us have been doing it for years, we don'tread the articles and in stead go straight to the comments. That's mostly because the community often approves terrible writing and we can't keep track off the the no name websites and writers that pass through here. There are no "gaming journalists" any more so why take any of this stuff seriously? I say let's go straight to the comments and hash out all of our differences.

mikeslemonade155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Breath of the Wild is still too plain and it’s on gimped hardware. Red dead 2 will also be bland because the setting is bland. You guys have drove on the interstate with corn fields and cows right? Well that’s how bland this game is gonna be. It should have been gta6 not red dead 2.

XisThatKid155d ago

Is Breath of the wild in that "mediocrity"? Because although a good game I was not blown away.

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Madmoose155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Yeah, I feel ya there. Perhaps they're looking for something in more of a "real-world" setting or something though. I do agree though, there's no need to wait for Red Dead Redemption to save us from this open-world mediocrity that they speak of. As Zelda has already come along & handle that more than admirably.

gangsta_red155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Agreed, I look at this as another sensational headline that we see in other articles and complain about. Because we have had some great open world games already this gen.

And there's no denying that Zelda is definitely one of them.

Listen, if Red Dead can come in and to that then more power to them but let's not start downplaying the great games that came before it.

Madmoose155d ago

Lmao @ the deluge of disagrees for your comment. And this comedian had the audacity to talk about your comment is what's wrong with The Gaming Community? LMAO GTFO here man! As of right now there's only 7 comments in this thread. And yet you have ELEVEN disagrees. There's more people coming in to hate your comment because you mentioned Zelda than there is people actually commenting. So I wonder if they'll get on their high horse and condemn these people who are just blindly disagreeing with your opinion and your right to it! Come on man, fight the good fight for the gaming community! What a joke.

Highlife155d ago

Lol gaming community? It's just down votes relax. "Fight the good fight" lol.

Lovable155d ago

I disagree. so here's a downvote.

bluefox755155d ago

It's not even the best Zelda game...

maybelovehate155d ago

None of the other Zelda games were considered Open World, so not really relevant to the discussion. But they did have some open world elements.

Prince_TFK155d ago

I doubt you think any of the Zelda games are good based on your past comments.

Newmanator155d ago

Nintendon't comment on an article without reading said article.

jukins155d ago

Wow "why would I read an article" lol

maybelovehate155d ago

Not everyone can spot clickbait like me. It is ok. Stay in school.

Goldby155d ago

^anything that bashes Zelda or bashes xbox is clickbait....

Try reading the article next time. You've already contradicted yourself by stating:
"Why would I read an article with a title that directly contradicts the content. Thank you for reading it to find out it was clickbait though"

How would you gave known it contradicts itself if you never read the article.

gangsta_red155d ago

Don't forget anything that gives GoW less than a 9 is "clickbait" also.

maybelovehate154d ago

@Goldby: well you see I knew it was clickbait because I played BOTW.. Duh.

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FullmetalRoyale155d ago

That title still belongs to TW3, imho.

Dragonscale154d ago

@maybe, Horizon Zero Dawn is by far the best open world game ever created. Opinions opinions lol.

maybelovehate154d ago

It is a great game. But I like BOTW a lot more. But you are right. Both games prove that the article is clickbait bs

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Yukes155d ago

Can't wait for RDR2. If anyone can deliver it's Rockstar. I'll be happy if it's as good as the first.

Madmoose155d ago

I don't mean any harm gamerpop, but if you think that maybelovehate is everything that is wrong in the gaming community, you either have not been gaming very long or aren't much of a gamer at all. Any gamer worth their salt could think of at least 10 other things that are legitimately worse than this person's opinion that you don't happen to like. Hell, you pushing your opiniion/stance while crapping on this person's right to theirs and ASSumimg that they're "butthurt" ( which you seem to be ironically righr now about their opinion & comments) is already worse.

jukins155d ago

Its not about his opinion it's that his opinion came from just a title without reading the article. It be like me reading just the first part of your comment and guessing at everything else you said. That's what titles are for to get your attention if you can't be bothered to read it you shouldn't really comment. And the guy was right that is what's wrong with the gaming community people reading parts of comments or just titles to articles and they makeverything else up regardless of what the article says. Especially in this case he reads the title and his inner fanboy brings up zelda as being the best open world had he read the article he would know zelda was specifically mentioned as being innovative.

Madmoose155d ago

Yeeeeah, I am going to call bull pies on that one for a few reasons bruh. For example, notice how sevir's comment has not one disagree even though it is very similar in fashion and scope? The only difference is that their comment put the people here in a pickle because they couldn't (or rather wouldn't) downvote it given that the comment mentioned and paid homage to horizon as well.  

And another reason why I call bs is that this sentiment surely seemed/seems to be virtually non existent whenever a review or article that wasn't (or isn't) exactly glowing for say gow, horizon, certain  products and companies etc hit. There were TONS of users enthusiastically making comments here (to much mentioning how they hadn't read the article/review/ opinion piece in question  & how they never plan(ned) to. And yet were quick to label it click bait whenever even a hint of not thinking either of those aforementioned titles weren't the best thing since sliced bread made it into an article or out of someone's mouth.

So, since I would hate to assume, I'll just ask. Were we in those very articles with the very same fervor and rationale when those people made up their mind without any intention of reading any of those articles/opinion pieces etc? Was the sentiment emanating from a majority of the people here as quickly condemned, labeled and assumed to be their inner fanboy and insecurities coming out when they rushed to label it clickbait, garbage and whatever without ever even reading it? 

I want to give  the benefit of doubt, but I'm fairly confident that you and some of the others co-signing with you weren't as quick to call any of that nonsense out and hand out Fanboy labels and such. So much so that I wouldn't even go through a post history to validate it.

Btw, the article didn't mention Horizon in any way if I recall. However, let's see if you call out those rushing to bring up hzd as a great open world example (when it wasn't even remotely mentioned in the article I believe) as fanboys and such. As clearly they didn't read the article either in their rush to bring that title up.

gangsta_red155d ago

"However, let's see if you call out those rushing to bring up hzd as a great open world example..."

Looking around I have feeling those will be met with extreme leniency.

The fact of it is we have had some great open world games and even if the article name drops Zelda, there are definitely more that could be also named.

I guess the question is when did open world games bece mediocre?

Sevir155d ago

Sorry, but both Breath of the Wild and Horizon did that in 2017...

Jaypi03155d ago

Also Assassin's Creed Origins, And Witcher 3 in 2015.

zcmilano155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Horizon: amazing, incredible, beautiful gaming experience, but there's no way you can tell me it did anything other open world games haven't done before, except the coolness of its thematic setting.

Zelda, as the article says, did do something pretty unique

quent155d ago

We already got deliverance back in 2015

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