Rage 2's First Gameplay Trailer Shows Explosive First-Person Shooter Action

Bethesda Softworks revealed the first gameplay video of Rage 2, its upcoming open-world FPS by id Software and Avalanche Studios for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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UCForce211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

That’s just crazier than the first Rage. Well, you got my attention. I will buy this game over COD and Battlefield. AHHAHAHAHA ! Oh, i’m going to enjoy this.

Omnisonne211d ago

Avalance (Mad Max) and iD Soft might be a match made in heaven by the looks of it. A game like this is right up my alley, post-apocalyptic raiders on steroids :D Keeping a close eye on this.

naruga211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

FPS genre seems that cannot be evolved further , is repeating itself over over to the level of extreme boredome, ...they are all the same to my eyes

UCForce211d ago

@naruga Still hate Western game, aren’t ya ? Have you hear the game call Doom ? It was over top and bloody and violence. People love it.

naruga211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

@UFC .....i finished DOOM and i almost (almost) platinumed it ..and i liked it a lot ...but that s exact what i msayign -RAGE2 seems like a copy paste of it and doesnt interesting me a lot

PapaBop211d ago

I was thinking the same, looks like Mad Max meets Doom, looks like it'll be an absolute blast.

UCForce211d ago

@naruga is that a bad thing ? Doom was awesome game. Rage 2 will have similar like that and l love it. And you know what rage mean ? Extreme anger and insanity. Rage 2 is what mean to be RAGE.

IamTylerDurden1211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

It's exactly what i expected. Mad Max + Just Cause, in RAGE skin. I knew it would be goofy and over the top. I'll still play it but i would've rather seen a proper sequel to RAGE via id. RAGE had a great foundation, it just needed a bigger world and better story. This game looks fun but it feels 100% like an Avalanche game, not an id game. Also, RAGE was a visual stunner yet RAGE 2 does not appear to be. I know people are hyped for RAGE 2, but i was hoping for something different.

morganfell211d ago


What is putting me off is the appearance that you have some sort of psionic powers. So its post apocalyptic open world wasteland genetic modification....make up your mind Avalanche. Its almost as if they are throwing everything at the gamer and that isn't always a good thing. I am not saying the game won't be a blast or really good, but that kitchen sink mentality is enough to make me wait and see.

darthv72211d ago

Mad max meets doom meets fallout 4 meets bioshock....

UnHoly_One211d ago

OMG I'm so excited.

What the hell is that melee attack he does at 59 seconds?

Looks like the Destiny Warlock "force push" kind of melee. I love it.

It's really quick before it cuts away, but it looks like the guy hit with it explodes. O_O

RememberThe357211d ago

You guys seem to be over analyzing the mess outta this trailer. It looks like the first Rage crossed with Mad Max. That sounds pretty good to me, and it looks even better. All this extra stuff you guys are going off on seem to be in your minds. The first Rage had cool weapons but didn't let you play with them enough (limited enemies and levels) IMO, and Mad Max had almost too many things to do and not enough ways to do them. Getting Avalanche on board was a sharp move by Bathesda and I'd, the two teams seem like they'll compliment each other really well.

mikeslemonade211d ago

PS4 and Xbox can’t handle it. PC version the way to go. And you can tell that it was the pc version in trailer cause it was 60 frames.

UltraNova211d ago

A fun open world FPS ala Mad Max, Fallout and Just Cause? Where do I sign up??

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blacktiger211d ago

I agree especially if bad company 3 will have loot box like battlefront 2 progression

211d ago
Aceman18211d ago

Looks alright, but I'm not getting my Hope's up.

UnSelf211d ago

ytf does all FPSes move the same exact way? Shoot with right hand, use auxiliary ability with left in obvious way with left hand

Omnisonne211d ago

Familiarity and ease of picking it up. Some games might benefit from a change in layout or controls, but generally it's a bit of an unnecessary risk.

TimelessDbz211d ago

I'll pick it up if it has co op.

TheSplooge211d ago

I doubt this will have anything on the next battlefield. Looks good, but battlefield will have a heck of a lot more to do seeing as its multiplayer.

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-Foxtrot211d ago

This is an unbelievable change...which was obviously needed

Even right down to the boxart...just compare them.

Sometimes this kind of stuff works and other times it feels like it came out of nowhere like what Ubisoft did to WatchDogs 2 by suddenly making it light, vibrant, hipster like with a huge boost in colour.

I think this could be pretty good and if it is then honestly I think it's time Bethesda got someone to go back to Quake to give that a reboot. Doom did well, Wolfenstein, Rage might so Quake should be next. Only one I think they failed at, in MY opinion as I loved the first original game was Prey...could have made it a new IP it was that different..

Omnisonne211d ago

I think it'll strike a nice balance. There are some rather grim-looking areas to be seen in the trailer as well, much darker than the first Rage. Im hoping to see more at E3.. but not counting on it

MWH211d ago

They should definitely revisit Quake.

-Foxtrot211d ago

Yeah man Quake is amazing...I'd love to see what they could cook up for a single player story

Null1980211d ago

Dude, Quake Champions? I've enjoyed the beta.

But yea, I'd like to see a story driven one also.

gangsta_red211d ago

That looks insane. Will get!

Apex13211d ago

Well colour me surprised as hell.