Konami Denies 360 Metal Gear Solid 4, Japanese Newspaper Silently Edits Story

"Konami, in yet again denying rumors that Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) is in the works for the Xbox 360, made a quote from its PR man disappear in the night.

The persistent rumor popped up again after Konami PR rep Yoshitaka Arai told the Japanese branch of investment firm Morningstar, "we are investigating releasing a 360 version." But GameCyte picked up that Japanese game blog my game news flash noticed that the story was quietly changed.

Without update or retraction, the original Morningstar story was edited to mention the Winning Eleven (known over here as Pro Evolution Soccer) and Castlevania series in place of Metal Gear Solid 4.

"The talk about a 360 version of Metal Gear Solid 4 has somehow completely been replaced with talk about Winning Eleven!!!" exclaimed the Japanese blog. "

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jaysquared5749d ago

I've tried this game and IN MY OPINION its nothing special! Just not my cup of tea! I didn't like Halo3 as well so dont think i'm a blind fanboy!

amir0x5749d ago

why troll the game zone everytime

MGS4 is a special game. Perhaps the best game ever after LBP

Aclay5749d ago

@ Jaysquared,

MGS4 is not a mainstream game and it's not meant to appeal to everyone. If you haven't played the previous MGS games then you wont be able to appreciate MGS4 like a TRUE MGS FAN would, and something tells me that you probably haven't played any other MGS game before. Too bad you can't appreciate a masterpiece of a game.

jaysquared5749d ago

Again that was in my opinion. Yes i'm a different gamer compared to the people that like the MGS and Final Fantasy games and such. I dont play games to get into the story I play games just to play. So I dont think I could ever play MGS4 with its long cut scenes.. Again just not my cup of tea..

PirateThom5749d ago

Fair enough, at least you didn't just bash it.

MGS has become more neich as time goes on and I, for one, love it, I genuinely enjoyed the cutscenes, but I know not everyone does.

BLuKhaos5749d ago

wow sojust because Jay doesn't like MGS4 he's trolling? *shakes head* some people.

Final_Rpg5749d ago


LBP is great don't get me wrong, but don't dare and say it's better than MGS4. MGS4 is above and beyond any game, especially this generation.

smturner685749d ago

Neither of you two disputing which is better between MGS4 and LBP know for sure, now do ya? Maybe I should say, "those two games are pretty good, but not NEARLY as good as God of War 3!!" psst...LBP isn't out yet!!!


People in here call others fanboys? We are pretty much ALL fanboys if we're on this sad website. The only reason to visit n4g.com is to easily find all the news without visting many websites...oh, and I guess to torture ourselves reading moronic rants from guys that just don't have any sense of fairness or logic.

People in here ALWAYS use future ps3 games against the 360? It is as common as Republicans telling us the they'll keep our taxes low and using scare tactics and wedge issues in elections.

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Shadow Man5749d ago (Edited 5749d ago )

true rumors for a 6 month period, According to the contract they sign with Sony. It sucks having to wait for 6 months.

FAQS5749d ago

true rumors(BUAAAAAAAAAAAA) for a 6 month period, According to (BUAAAAAAAAAAAA)the contract they sign with (BUAAAAAAAAAAAA)Sony. It sucks (BUAAAAAAAAAAAA) having to wait for 6 months. (BUAAAAAAAAAAAA I want this game for my flopbox360 BUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)"

JohnnyChimpo5749d ago

hehehe you can keep telling yourself this kind of crap to help you sleep better at night, but I've said it numerous times, there will be no MGS4 on 360. It ain't happening, face it, the bots missed out on one of the best games of 2008. Did anyone get the special edition MGS4 with the Bluray movie in it? In the interview with Hideo he even states that there will be no MGS4 on 360. Plus who wants a dumbed down version of MGS4 anyways

Shane Kim5748d ago

Bahahaha FAQS, man that was hilarious. Bubbles for you. :D

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dimitry215749d ago

xbox 360 just dont get it YOUR NOT GETTING ANY METAL GEAR SOLID 4.

johover1125749d ago

it's funny when Metal Gear Solid 4 was first released, Xbox fanboys started talking saying that it wouldn't be anything special, but once the words "rumor to xbox 360" appears, everyone starts cheering and other crap. ANYWAY lol Metal Gear Solid 4 on xbox 360 would need about 3 to 4 disks if possible lol.

ICUP5749d ago


just buy a ps3 and play the game

cheap bastard or waiting for your parent to buy you one?

amir0x5749d ago

I expect a lot of x360 owners who are hardcore gamers buy ps3 for Resistance 2,lbp and mgs4