NDS: Project Hacker: Kakusei Homepage launched

Project Hacker: Kakusei Homepage launched

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A look at DS games Nintendo's never released in North America

From the article, "Things are starting to gradually shift. Nintendo took a chance and released Rhythm Heaven in North America. The Legendary Starfy, the fifth game in the series, is going to mark the series' debut outside of Japan. Perhaps this is a good sign that Nintendo is going to be more accepting of new properties in the future.

Gamertell's taking a look back today at some of the Nintendo published DS titles that have been passed over until now. A few had tentative US release dates that never happened and whispered rumors have spread about the possible release of others. One thing's for sure, all of the following games would be welcome additions to the North American game library..."

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qface645272d ago

i wish jump ultimate stars could come to america but that's just one of those treasures that will never come over seas at all :[

AAACE55271d ago

Yeah, I wish Jump would release here as well. There is still hope. That Starfy game in now on it's 5th entry and in now about to come here, so any of those japanese games could be released here at some point.

SpoonyRedMage5272d ago

Europe is missing quite a lot of these too and there's some games only high profile Club Nintendo people in Japan can get like a Balloon Fight game starring Tingle.

It's mad...

sloth33955272d ago

they have the jump ultimate stars at stores like Frys

Braineater24485272d ago

Great game. I picked this import up from a trade show years ago. Thanks for making the DS region-free Nintendo!

GFahim5272d ago

tales of innocence? just watch videos of it u will be amazed

Redempteur5272d ago

The tales of On ds is all namco fault ...

They are missing god how many sales but if only US people knew that rpg isn't limited to final fantasy ...

I actually bought both Jump games and i have not regreted it since ..it's such a good game ...

Also this article is missing OUENDAN ( elite beat agent doesn't count )
But this is too a licensing nightmare with the songs involved ...