God of War Update 1.22 is LIVE; Here’s What it Does

With the biggest updates for God of War arriving last week, Update 1.20 & 1.21 brought with it Photo mode and the ability to upsize text. So when Update 1.22 dropped today, it does exactly what many other past Updates have done.

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EverydayJoe209d ago

Various Bug Fixes. Save you a click.

JKSimmons209d ago

Not all heroes wear capes.

salmonade209d ago

Not all capes have heroes to wear them.

MasterCornholio209d ago

Maintainers have their heroes as well.

InKnight7s209d ago

Sometimes capes are the real heroes.

Dr.Strange cape says hi.

ZombieKiller209d ago

True, some swing an axe and have a beard.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

I've been highly impressed with how hard SSM has worked on this already polished game post-launch. It reminds me of Guerrilla and Horizon Zero Dawn. GG continued to work feverishly on HZD after launch even though it too was a polished game. Naughty Dog did the same with Uncharted 4 and Polyphony with GTS. It's great to see these studios put in so much effort after launch.

frankiebeans208d ago

Not all boys have fathers that wear capes.

BioDead208d ago

Some of them wears a keyboard, mouse, monitor, computer and internet connection.

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super_cuddles209d ago

Omg, most amazing update for the new game of generation *bows down*

UCForce209d ago

“Sigh” Don’t make any funny ideas.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )


That's 12 updates in less than a month. Sea of Thieves has been out twice as long and it's had half the updates of God of War, and it's an MMO. The game was very polished upon release, yet SSM is still working doggedly to make it pristine.

I don't understand what you are even criticising? Because the twelfth update wasn't exciting that somehow takes away from the game's quality? It's not deserving of the potential Game of the gen moniker because the twelfth update was mainly stability/fixes?

isf1368208d ago

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bouzebbal209d ago

the other day i went crazy the game wasn't full screen anymore.
i went to the system display area it was stretched to the max and the game still not full screen.

i had to delete the game and reinstall and it works.
apparently some are experiencing the same issue.

i hope my experience will help some of you.

Teflon02209d ago

This probably was a fix for that if so. Thing is, most people using 1080p tv's aren't actually playing at 1080p because they have the setting on 16:9 instead of scan, making the ratio go beyond edge to edge, which was a issue with 1080i etc. It's odd because I've had to change this setting on every tv I've gotten that was Hd. It's nice that they let you do it, but it's really odd that it's not default to display native screen res.

bouzebbal209d ago

i have so many screen settings on my TV that i get so confused what to choose and how to remember what i just chose before.
i don't know if it's the same with you but some games (display options) recommand to choose game scene on the TV. It looks washed out when i choose that setting and i would definitely not go with that setting.

Teflon02208d ago

It would normally depend of the TV itself on whether to use it. Some tv's have faster response times using game mode, but it sometimes sacrifices TV features or something. Example. Some 4k HDR tv's will run at with faster response times with HDR off so some people find HDR useless because it slows down the response.
I usually pick either standard or custom. If I pick custom I usually try to make things as vibrant as possible.
My odd thing though is that when I plug my ps4 pro in with a capture card the image gets washed out on the tv/monitor. But the recorded version going to my PC looks perfect. I haven't found a fix for that as of yet sadly

ScootaKuH208d ago

I had this when I first got the game. Turns out the problem wasn't the game itself, but the PS4 Pro display properties in system settings. For some reason it wasn't set to fit my tv screen properly and it made God of War play with black bars all around it. Changed this setting and all good.

Goldby209d ago

Also allows people to get the eye of the outer realm from broke if you missed it, and allowed you to fully upgrade your weapon prior to beating gane

obidanshinobi209d ago

Does it make the combat less shit?

I'm a few hours in and honestly not very impressed, would probably give it a 7 out of 10 so far.
Game of the generation it certainly is not, not even close to game of the year.

sprinterboy209d ago

Combat less shit? You playing the right game, sure your not playing ryse

obidanshinobi209d ago

lol, playing Ryse, please.

The camera needs to be further back IMO, I'd rather see an enemy behind me take a swing rather than a red triangle. Also I'm not pleased about the skill tree, having to pay for a running attack and the 3x light attack then 1 heavy attack combo.
I prefered the combat in God of War 3 over this new one.

Goldby209d ago


the combat gets better, where abouts are you in the game?
while the 3x light attack seems like its useless and not worth it, its the bonus' you get from doing the different combos that will help you later on. That combo for example, not only adds frost damage after the combo, but allows a juggle to begin.

Keep trekking through.


Different strokes I suppose. I love the combat. This coming from a person who thought the combat in the the original games was repetitive.

IamTylerDurden1209d ago (Edited 209d ago )


You are calling the combat in God of War s*** and calling it a 7/10 game after only a few hours? The combat is far more strategic and less repetitive now. I always loved the combat in GoW but it's highly evolved. Block and parry are much more integral now. You have multiple ranged options through axe throwing/arrows and there are numerous upgrades/combos associated with them. The skill tree and loot impact your combos and effectiveness. Even Rage of the Titans has a skill tree. You have so much variety at your disposal, when you throw your axe you have an entirely different unarmed move set with its own advantages/disadvantages. It's brilliant.

Knushwood Butt209d ago

I'm loving the game but it does seem a bit easy on the default difficulty.

I've yet to use rage intentionally as haven't felt the need to do so.

Using bare hands + Atreus arrows to dizzy an opponent, then kill with R3 seemes pretty easy and very effective, but still fun :)

pody208d ago

I don’t know where you are but it definitley gets thougher as you go on in the game and level up.

But if it’s so easy you can luckily fix it by going into the menu and
choosing hard difficulty...

Knushwood Butt208d ago

Great, looking forward to it getting more challenging, but as of now, I still stand by my point that default difficulty seemes a bit easy.

AspiringProGenji208d ago

That's how it should should be. The last two difficulties is where it's at

doggo84209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Lol, but that's coming from someone who thinks the xbox had better exclusives than the ps4 up until 2017 (lol, not even close, and dont even try a list war, because you will lose) and that sea of thieves had very fun gameplay... interesting, given the above, that you think GOW has "shit" gameplay. Lmao.

IamTylerDurden1207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

He thinks Sea of Thieves has good gameplay but God of War has shit combat ? That is a joke.

Elda208d ago

Give your comment a 1 out of 10 knowing the masses disagree.

TomatoDragon208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

Git Gud. :-)

ScootaKuH208d ago

Get out. You're not welcome here

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