Where Do We Want The Far Cry Series To Go Next?

Where to next after the Pearly Gates of Hope County?

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-Foxtrot155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

I would probably go Post Apocalyptic America...for obvious reasons

Then it can go on a break then reboot

bigmalky155d ago

The Scottish Highlands? Canada? Alaska? Norway? Let's be honest, Far Cry only works if it's a remote setting.

PUBG155d ago

I live in Canada, and it wouldn't be a very good place to have the game take place, since there is no culture here anymore. Russia or Iran or something in line with the axis of evil powers could be an interesting choice though.

Goldby155d ago

theres culture still here in Canada, multicultural is a culture in and of itself

PUBG155d ago

@ Goldby

No it is not. Here in the Greater Vancouver area each 'culture' lives in there own enclave, and it is only a small percentage that actually mix with other cultures. As an example, Chinese and Indian women rarely ever date men outside of their culture. You can move from India or China and not know a word of English, and still be employed full time. Our country is becoming less socially cohesive all the time. Most of these people that come into our country couldn't care less about our history, and identify themselves by their country of origin, rather as being Canadian, and they are more proud of their cultural origin than they are to be Canadian. If we didn't allow for duel citizenship, that might go a long way towards changing this, as then people coming into our country would have to make a hard choice.

Goldby155d ago

But at the same time, it isn't a requirement to say you are Canadian.

My father who's loved in Canada for over 40 years still identifies himself as British as that was where he was born and grew up. It doesn't make him any less Canadian because of that.

My ex who was Saudi was born here but her parents werent. She still practices her Muslim faith but doesn't see that as a strike against her Canadian culture.

Canada was built bc of immigrants and bringing their culture to their new homes.

It may be one sided in vancouver as there is a much larger populous in Asian decendants than the rest of Canada, but it still has alot more culture than other countries.

BTW, it's nice chatting and not being attacked due to a point if view.

Thanks for that

Kabaneri155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

Syria, its basically already Far Cry in real life. Any desert setting would be cool.

ZombieGamerMan155d ago

If it's in Russia then they should include a rideable Valdamir Putin who beats the game for you

Dark-soul155d ago

he should be main bad guy, as he already is serial killer and thousands of deaths in his account.

Goldby155d ago

loading tip screen is trump lol

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The story is too old to be commented.