Nobuo Uematsu Confirmed To Be Working On Music For Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase confirmed in a recent interview that legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu is in fact working on the upcoming remake.

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OmnislashVer36185d ago

Amazing news. Consider Sakaguchi next Square-Enix.

Snookies12185d ago (Edited 185d ago )

That would be legendary, if they got him on board to direct or at least supervise the project somehow...

MWH184d ago

Wishful thinking but that would great for the company for sure.

Zabatsu184d ago

Amazing and yes, Omnislash, it would be truly epic if they got Sakaguchi on board.

PhoenixUp185d ago

At least there’s some update for the game

GREGNESS184d ago

Glad to hear this news! ^^

chris235184d ago

despite the fact that project had been scrapped already? mkaay.

PhantomS42184d ago

Wut...the FF7remake hasn't been scrapped at all.

Teflon02184d ago

Working, not worked. As in currently, so if they scrapped the old version. He's working on the new version...

KwietStorm184d ago

Can't wait to hear this soundtrack with modern audio. Hopefully it's recorded with a live orchestra.

boing1184d ago

It's recorded with dead orchestra.

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