Thirty Years On, Super Mario Bros. 3 Remains 2D Mario’s Pinnacle

No doubt Nintendo will come up with and announce another side-scrolling, level-for-level affair for their trustee mascot to trudge through (let’s face it: who doesn’t want free money?). But while things are still at the pre-production phase, they’d be wise to look to the past when planning for the future. In much the same vain that Odyssey reflected on 64’s (even Sunshine’s, to an extent) playful freedom, games like Super Mario Bros. 3 are fine examples of how even a successful and established formula like Mario can still be built on in amazing ways — hence the reason why so many herald it as one of the greatest video games out there.

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P_Bomb156d ago

So good. The branching paths were sweet as you could finish the game with different levels under your belt than your friends. Warps notwithstanding. Super Mario World perfected what 3 started,

chrisx156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

super Mario world is my number 1 Mario game for life. back then there was no internet like nw, no spoilers. discovering star world on my own by accident was like a dream. that raccoon suit though is totally epic.

P_Bomb156d ago

It’s the perfect Nintendo game. Bought it again for GBA after I sold my SNES back in the day.

PhoenixUp156d ago

I love playing the Super Mario Advance 4 edition of Super Mario Bros 3, especially on Wii U since it includes all the e-Reader levels.

michellelynn0976156d ago

Super Mario World is my favorite 2D Mario game.

eferreira156d ago

I may be the odd one but I enjoyed Mario 2 a lot more