From Zero to 15 Million: The Story of Outlast

Red Barrels' Philippe Morin on turning a $1.4 million budget into a $64 million franchise with 15 million sales.

Very occasionally, it's possible to see that a game is important or influential before it is released. Most of the time, though, that kind of recognition arrives with hindsight.
Co-founders David Chateauneuf, Hugo Dallaire and Philippe Morin, all of whom had worked at both Ubisoft Montreal and EA Montreal. Red Barrels was started when their project at EA was cancelled and, recognising that single-player action-adventure games were becoming harder to get off the ground at big publishers, they decided to take matters into their own hands. According to Morin, Red Barrels' CEO, starting a studio was the only way to make that kind of game, "without having to worry about all of the stuff that big studios have to worry about."

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