State of Decay 2 Impressions - Five Big Takeaways - TICGN

Samuel dives into his State of Decay 2 impressions, going over the main things you can expect when you start playing the game.

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bumbleforce158d ago

Glad its positive. Sucks abput fps. Hope they add a 1080p 60 mose on x

jokerisalive158d ago

is this with the day one patch? im guessing it isnt. Im sure it will be sorted out. Looks great and cant wait!

Direwolf484158d ago

No day one patch as yet, and they are committed to fixing bugs/tightening performance before/after launch. Still found it worth mentioning. Overall it's a blast though!

Ciporta1980158d ago

Anyone know when we are gonna get our codes for the first game if we pre ordered the ultimate edition of this? It's getting to the point were what's even the point in getting the first game when I'll have the second one soon.

jagermaster619158d ago

I got mine sent to me like two weeks ago so you should check you messages and Microsoft should have sent you a code.

Ciporta1980158d ago

Really? I never got a message. Was it an Xbox message or an email?

GortJester158d ago

Got mine sent to me today via Xbox Live Message so yours should arrive any time.

UltraGaming157d ago

I got mine around 3 weeks after ordering, it came via an xbox live message

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SkippyPaccino158d ago

The game that will turn xbox around.... 😬

AmstradAmiga158d ago

No one is claiming that except those with an ulterior motive. Which would you be I wonder...

PFFT158d ago

It wont be a game changer thats a fact BUT the game is better way better than what people expected. I just feel bad for those 2-3 stupid websites that said it was bad. lol poor idiots.

j15reed157d ago

All those websites were doing was what the majority of the people wanted shit on Xbox to get clicks.

RainbowBrite158d ago

It doesn't look awful, but it doesn't look good either... When you see GOW or BotW it blows your mind. Here is just generic... even the ps Zombie game what's the name? Days gone, looks way better. This looks last gen

jagermaster619158d ago

Yeah but that Sony game (days gone) looks more of the same when it comes to zombie games. State of decay 2 is not meant to be the best looking game. If you ever played the first then you would know what I'm talking about.

RainbowBrite158d ago

No I never played the first. First time I heard of the series, I was just talking about how it look

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conanlifts158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

It will never look as good as Days Gone or TLOU. You need to take into account the game type. This is an open world zombie survival simulator. Not a general action game. So the world is running and changing in the background while you play the game. Even if this were a AAA game, which it is not, it would still not look as good as those games. I guess if you want to compare graphics games lie conan exiles would make a better comparison.

As for game play it is very different to the vast majority of games on the market, as a fan I would highly recommend giving it a try.

157d ago
conanlifts157d ago

You missed the point. Days gone is not a sim game. The action happens on screen as you see it. State of decay on the other hand has action and events hapening elsewhere. The requirements are very different for survival sims compared to action adventure games.

ludicrous157d ago

No point in explaining to gamerzero because he doesnt know what sod game is like or if he ever wanted to know. Im not even sure if he know much about zombie genra, if he thinks open world with great graphics and 200-500 zombies hord has not been done before. Tells him about dead rising 3/4 instead, it has everything he described as impressive and even more so, 1000+ zombies with inert body part, a bunch of customizations (weapon, cars, armor, skills) story, events...etc...

SOD is not those typical zombie game at all. Like u described. It is a zombie sim game. You have quests, events, build strong base, scavenging for items to build base to generate resources, protection, electric power, weapons, mods, you need rations, gases for vehicles, and your character (that you build up skills and perks) can die permanently if you not careful, etc...with everything running in real time (whether you are present or not). God knows if some recruits got infected and your entire base is destroyed if you dont pay attention or busy doing something elsewhere. It is a simulator through and through, as if you are in a real zombie crisis.

Games with narrative doesnt give you much option because developer wont be able to tell you the story that they wanted to tell. Nothing wrong with that, but SOD isnt that type of games.

j15reed157d ago

@gamezero this game has deeper gameplay than Days Gone

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