RAGE 2 Is A 'True Open World FPS Experience' by Avalanche Studios; Box Art, Platforms Confirmed

The first concrete tidbits of information about RAGE 2 were just confirmed. It's going to be a "true open world FPS experience" developed by Avalanche Studios, the makers of Mad Max, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The official box art was also shared.

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ccgr1302d ago

Sounds interesting, haven't played the original yet

Cyb3r1302d ago

The original was ok but the environments were not that large they had a openworld look but it wasnt a true openworld game. I found that the mega textures technology wasnt suitable for the previous generation consoles the texture pop-in was terrible especially on PS3 although the 360 was better but overall on both consoles the textures loaded so slow it ruined the experience IMO

Movefasta19931302d ago

just because it wasn't open world doesn't make it bad, and on pc the graphics still look amazing. If it was called doom everybody would have been all over it.

naruga1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

smthing irrelevant ...RAGE 2 was an absolute victim of leaks ....i say they wouldnt have released a trailer of the game so soon if they were nt the leaks ....also this in someway makes Walmarts all rumor leaks, legit announcements

mikeslemonade1302d ago

Okay now that was a good trailer because of the song. But let’s get realistic here, the PS4 and Xbox version will be garbage. Basically the pc version is the way to go.

super_cuddles1301d ago

Did you just put down the mighty ps3 over an Xbox !!?

1301d ago
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Asuka1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Original is kinda meh. It looked good for the time however, but also suffered from texture pop in. It's currently $9.99 USD on steam, and I would say it's worth that. Maybe cheaper whenever the steam sale kicks off this summer.

Ninjamonkey821302d ago

Graphics card issues centered around ati/Amd drivers at the time for rage ran great on nvidia. Had no issue's with it say that though i never got round to completing it. Was playing esl and clanbase cod4 at the time competitive .

Bobafret1301d ago

Yes, it was so interesting that I played for about an hour and stopped.

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KyRo1302d ago

Open world... *sigh*

Zjet1302d ago

Highly underrated. I hope they port it to PS4/Xbox One.

It is backwards compatible with Xbox One also.

IamTylerDurden11302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Not happy about the trailer or Avalanche. I like Avalanche, but i don't want RAGE 2 to be an Avalanche style game and the trailer had a goofy feel that would lead me to believe it will be less series ala Just Cause. Tbh, Avalanche basically already made their post apocalyptic open world, sand covered game. It was called Mad Max and it was decent, but it also wasn't as spectacular as it should've been for the time, money, and license.

I want id to build upon the world of RAGE and improve the narrative and world size. That coupled with id tech 6 and i'm good. I really don't want Mad Max with the goofiness of Just Cause. Give me id, give me DOOM, give me RAGE 2 proper. I'll still play RAGE 2 though.

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KaiPow1302d ago

Avalanche, huh? You have my attention!

No Way1302d ago

What else have they made?

CernaML1302d ago

Mad Max and Just Cause series.

badz1491301d ago

Just Cause 3 performs like shit though on consoles. Still one of the worst unoptimized game I played so far this gen

MONOLITHICIDE1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Dumb question. You do have a phone in your face 247 right?

InMyOpinion1301d ago

I'm a bit disappointed it's not made by id Software, but I give Avalanche the benefit of a doubt.

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Neonridr1302d ago

interesting.. perhaps the game will do better with stronger hardware this time around.

UltraNova1301d ago

The Pro and OneX is the way to go, on console at least. A 1080Ti equipped PC will do wonders for it no doubt.

-Foxtrot1302d ago

Avalanche Studios? How many teams do they have because since people are going on about that Walmart leak one of them was Just Cause 4 and I doubt they would announce it same time as this.

I don't know if it's possible hardly getting into the first one but I hope it will feature a variety of vehicles, maybe so air ones

Alexious1302d ago

They have two teams, one in Stockholm (Mad Max) and another in New York (Just Cause 3).

-Foxtrot1302d ago

So Just Cause 4 could still be possible then...

seanpitt231302d ago

Mad max was good just cause 3 was a step back in my opinion.

NobleRed1301d ago

Yeah and the New York Team sucks. Especially if you have played the garbag just cause 3 console versions.

ryuuzakibjorn1302d ago ShowReplies(1)
TheCommentator1302d ago

It would seem the Wal-Mart leak is accurate (Except FH 5, LOL) and I'm hopeful that Just Cause 4 will come out with better performance than 3 had. I honestly skipped JC3 because it never got properly fixed but Just Cause is one of my favorite games to rampage in. Oddly enough, Just Cause also takes on an almost Pilotwings-esque serenity when flying around exploring too. Here's to hoping JC4 is going to be a well polished game!

OT: I agree that your question is valid and there's nothing wrong with your post at all. I had to look it up to see how they could be making both Rage 2 and JC4. I'll still call you out if I see you doing what Ryuuzakibjorn suggests you are in this thread, but I'll be civil with you as well like in this post too. Honestly, I prefer civilized conversations like these.

deadfrag1302d ago

Dumb AI incoming!How i miss Fear AI .Pls Monolith pick Fear out of the closet.

kevnb1302d ago

I would even settle for half life 1 ai, it’s amazing how far backwards certain aspects of video games have went.

Movefasta19931302d ago

killzone 2's ai was special.And bungie's halo games have imo the best

kevnb1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

I feel like most of the people here either never played half life 1 or are just ignorant of its ai vs modern games. Though Killzone 2 wasn't bad ai wise, and the early halo games are actually really good as well. One modern game that does impress me is monster hunter world, the ai combined with the animations and visual designs makes those monsters actually feel real and not just like video game enemies.

kevnb1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

You just don't see enemies move around like this in games these days.


FEAR was good but I would rather have a new Condemned game tbh.

DefenderOfDoom21302d ago

A. I . was better in RAGE .