In Memoriam - The Legend of Dragoon

The only glimmer of hope that fans of The Legend of Dragoon have to cling to, is a rumour that began to circle the internet in late 2013 that Sony’s Japan Studio was working on a AAA J-RPG for the PlayStation 4, unfortunately there has been no new news of it’s development, or whether the game is tied to an existing franchise or a completely new IP of it’s own....

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521d ago Replies(1)
alexg587520d ago

This and breath of fire 4 were my favorite rpgs... the good ole days😏

Antigenetic520d ago

Yeah, for me it was this and Vagrant Story. I didn't actually play Final Fantasy VII until years later, but honestly wasn't all that impressed. For me, my favourite was always Final Fantasy X.

Antigenetic520d ago

BLAZING DYNAMO! The VO from the localisation is so bad at times it's hilarious.

narsaku520d ago

I haven't played this game in 20 years and I can still clearly hear the epic battle music in my head.


Antigenetic519d ago

The soundtrack was easily one of the best aspects of the game.