Halo And 343 Industries: What The Hell Happened?

The state of the Halo franchise.

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Septic183d ago

What suffered under the latest Halo game was the campaign. By normal standards it was fine, by Halo's lofty standards it fell squarely on its face. It was a disjointed mess. And that's where 343's real challenge lies; fixing that for the next iteration and untangling the web to enable a campaign worthy of Halo's name.

The MP- which was the REALLY hard part to do however was stellar. That's something 343 really deserves praise for. Its not perfect by any means but to get this right shows that there is no reason a goof campaign can be done well.

I'm excited to see the next Halo but understandably have a lot of worries about the campaign. Hopefully 343 has learnt its lesson

Araragifeels 183d ago

Plus don't forget how the ads mislead or falsely advertise about Halo 5 campaign.

threefootwang183d ago

Quite a few theories that actually dispute this. Argument being the ads were for the entire new trilogy and not just Halo 5, lots of evidence to back this up. Just search on Youtube

showtimefolks183d ago


than advertise the trilogy not halo 5. You can always find theories for everything doesn't mean i's right. Just like all those no man sky interviews by the developers weren't right

morganfell183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

HALO 5 was the lowest selling of all main HALO launches. It is almost as if 343 wanted to remove the MC and introduce their own HALO creation. It seems 343 wanted so bad to erase Bungie because they were tired of being compared. Bungie often damaged the canon but 343 acted with total disregard. Now anyone can be a Spartan and they are being mass any age apparently.

The multiplayer isn't the boon everyone thinks. Most players in H5 by far play unranked matches all the while 343 has tried to shove the pro league down everyone's throats. I haven't logged on in some time but I do not need to see the achievements of a bunch of pro players. Give me the most badass play by some random guy. Not some paid gamer with an ego. Changing the play style to chase COD twitching which helps to sell loot boxes called REQ has not been the key to success. Large numbers of gamers that do play HALO MP run the MC Collection because H5 has become a shoot die rinse repeat game where teamwork is non-existent in pick up games. And pick up games were a huge part of what made HALO MP games great in the first place.

hamburgerhill183d ago

I agree with Morgan plus they removed the Halo theme which in my opinion was HALO. Shame on 343

mikeslemonade183d ago

Halo hasn't mattered since Halo 2. You got suspect or questionable taste if you think otherwise.

RacerX183d ago

Halo had it's day in the sun. They have no adventures left, it's the same story repeating itself. I have very fond memories of Halo 1 and 2....

mikeslemonade183d ago

RacerX, you speak the truth ^

andibandit182d ago


I mostly agree, except the sales stuff, where I find it inadequate to conclude anything from a single number. After all Halo5 released roughly 2 years after the release of X1, which in my opinion, has been selling like Sh1t.

morganfell182d ago (Edited 182d ago )


That is rather the point. Past HALO games were system sellers.


I really like HALO. A lot. By that I mean HALO 3 and below. I have an insane HALO book collection. The canon matters to me. A lot. It doesn't matter to 343. And I have every soundtrack to every HALO title on CD. People ask, how could you have put up with 5 RROD Xbox 360s?


Can't stand what 343 has done. The music is a huge part of it. People that love a classic do not want someone to try and one up it by doing their own thing. If you remove the essence of what something was, then it isn't that thing anymore.

super_bruno182d ago

"Plus don't forget how the ads mislead or falsely advertise about Halo 5 campaign."

this argument its just so silly :/

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crazyCoconuts183d ago

Yea, the campaign was mediocre, but is there another arena MP game that has the depth and configurability that Halo has? I think it's kinda the gold standard in it's class even now, isn't it?

Septic183d ago

Definitely. I need to get back on it but the skill gap is insane

threefootwang183d ago

I don't know if I'd say the campaign was mediocre. It honestly wasn't that bad.

Plus this new trilogy is following the original trilogy in terms of sequence and events.

Halo 1 & 4 have a similar story. You play as Master Chief, isolated on an unknown planet/ring, uncovering various mysteries.

Halo 2 & 5 similar as well. You play as two different characters, uncovering more plot lines, and less emphasis placed on Master Chief (Which I don't agree with).

Halo 3 & 6 will probably follow the same track. With Halo 3, huge emphasis on Master Chief, save the galaxy, wrap up all the plot details, a fantastic campaign, NTM some of the best online multiplayer to go along with it. It's already confirmed that Halo 6 will be exclusively Master Chief and it sounds like 343 is going all out in terms of development.

Could the Halo series be better? Probably, but to make the claim that it's a disaster or 343 botched things is way off.

madforaday182d ago

Halo always had depth to the MP with a high skill gap between players. Of course, that was the case since Halo 2. That was 14 years ago! I wouldn't question any of this if the newest Halo were the best Halo's to date. They are really good but they don't compare. As a gamer/consumer, why buy something when it isn't getting better?

DarkVoyager183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

“What The Hell Happened?“

343i happened.

Halo 4 had a good campaign but horrible MP while Halo 5 had a horrible campaign but good MP. They just can’t find balance.

mcstorm183d ago

Tbh you could look at it that they improved the MP side which the fans asked for in 5 but because of that the so lost its appeal but with halo 4 everyone wanted a great story and they did it on that but fell short on mp. So with that said halo 6 could be the game that everyone loves as they have the foot print of story from halo 4 and np from 5 to build up on

GamerDad82182d ago

Exactly. Does anyone else think 343 is horrible at map design for MP? Halo 5 campaign was trash.

spicelicka183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

Absolutely agree with everything said here!

Campaign was bad compared to the legacy of the original games but better than many FPS games today. MP was stellar even though it can be improved (Real BTB maps). The inclusion of a custom games browser was the most important thing 343 did that even Bungie couldn't do after years of requests.

showtimefolks183d ago


here is the problem they have got way too many macho developers at 343. Here is what i mean when bungie left MS tried to assemble the best people money could buy but the issue with that is many of them were either lead creative directors or VP of their development studios before joining 343. its always better to have a lot of talent but than it's harder to manage egos

deno183d ago

I agree. They did an excellent job on Halo 4 so I see them redeeming themselves with the next game.

Codedan183d ago

The Halo 5 campaign was amazing if you read Hall Reach. However if you played the crappy Halo Reach game which Bungie almost ruined the series with then you would have a hard time.

DJStotty182d ago

I can only speak for myself, but personally i enjoyed the campaign in 5.

fewDankMemes182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

I'm hoping for a new engine that isn't 60fps. Halo was always a 30fps game and because of that, it was always very good looking and had amazing visuals for its time.

With a 60fps engine especially for campaign, the visuals didn't look much better than an OG 360 game with a higher resolution and more particle effects.

Also making it 60fps with an engine like that made it too difficult to implement split screen.

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-Foxtrot183d ago

What happened? Easy to understand to be honest...they tried to make Halo THEIR thing and tried to remove Bungie attatcment from it

Halo 4 saw a decent campaign, opinions may differ on this but it still felt Halo like BUT the multiplayer was changed because 343 tried to remove what made the other ones great so they could "reinvent" the online. They did this because with how big the online was if they managed to pull it off they could go forward with it by making it the next big thing, not to mention it would always be from that day on a "343" crafted new bad ass multiplayer for Halo.

In the didn't work

Halo 5 saw them revert the online back to what Bungies was like, it wasn't full on there but it was great compared to Halo 4, this time they took aim at the single player and wanted something different,. Like before they once again wanted a "343" crafted Halo campaign and tried to do the same thing they did with Halo 4s online by making huge changes so they could put their stamp on it. In the end they ruined it by forcing in a 343 crafted character with Agent Lock which they hoped could be so badass they could eventually replace Master Chief with since they knew how big MC was and how it was basically the equivalent of MC holding a big ass "Bungie Made" banner. Once they added a second character and tried to do a two sided story similar to Halo 2 they decided another big change was to add squads for each charter so people playing co-op could fill those roles but what happened was if you did it solo you were lumped with AI characters following you in the story.

In the didn't work

There's changing up a franchise to keep it fresh but with 343 the changes just didn't fit the games and in the end felt like it was an obvious attempt to stamp their legacy on the franchise. With Halo 6 they need to continue improving the classic multiplayer and make Master Chief go solo again within the story, then for Halo 7 bring back Cortana to go along with him. I just felt it was strange to suddenly have Master Chiefs close friends with Blue Team when they've never hardly been mentioned within the main games, such great friends and they never got called in to help him during the original trilogy.

Obscure_Observer183d ago (Edited 183d ago )


You made a lot of nonsentical assumptions based on someone else´s opinions. You´re trying to make 343i look bad guys trying to make a name out of Halo.

That´s not the case. At all! If it was up to you, those franchises would never evolve and we would never get games like the new God and Tomb Raider. You always have this weird grip on past, talking about what it was and what made this or that game great.

With Halo 5´s multiplayer, 343i achieved the best MP mode of this generation on a FPS game! Much much better, bigger and complex, than what Bungie could achieve with Destiny´s MP modes.

Locke was never meant to replace Master Chief! He´s not a HERO! He used to do wetworks for ONI as their agent and personal assassin! Halo 5 misleading ads pretty much describe him exactly what he used to be, a cold blood person and a killer.

Halo 5´s premisse is very good and true to the character of Master Chief that would do anything to save Cortana. But it was bad written and executed by Brian Reed which was fired because of it.

-Foxtrot183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

You think I want to make them look bad, it's pretty obvious with their big changes to core Halo mechanics that they want to change things, not to be "refreshing" but for something else. When you think of Halo you think of Bungie, they probably hated that as every was going on about it at the time.

There's a huge difference between evolve and change into something else. You think bringing in squads all of a sudden is "evolving" the franchise? God're just changing the game or trying to change it into something else. God of War was a welcome change, Tomb Raider however was a new IP...there's a difference.

"With Halo 5´s multiplayer, 343i achieved the best MP mode of this generation on a FPS game! Much much better, bigger and complex, than what Bungie could achieve with Destiny´s MP modes"

I didn't say anything about Halo 5s multiplayer, the main point was Halo 4s multiplayer. Let me refresh your memory

***Halo 5 saw them revert the online back to what Bungies was like, it wasn't full on there but it was great compared to Halo 4***

Key sentence

***it was great compared to Halo 4***

"Locke was never meant to replace Master Chief!"

Oh please, the fact they forced him in like they did, even going as far as doing Halo Nightfall, a live action series on this sudden main character proves they wanted him to be a bigger star. Then you have the fact he's featured in the game MORE then Master Chief. If they wanted a dual story why not bring in Arbiter, a familiar character from the old games...they could have made it so he decided to hunt Chief knowing he'd be easier on him then anyone else the UNSC would send.

Hungryalpaca182d ago

Sorry but you’re wrong.

The Game was following the trend of advanced movement and as a result the game suffered. Making several weapons useless and forcing larger map sizes.

The game isn’t a game for halo fans. Hence why halo fans tend to hate 343. They don’t know what the halo community wants.

They want a halo game. Not a trend follower.

slate91183d ago

Well said Fox and I completely agree. Halo 5 mp was a step in the right direction, but still needs work. Halo 5 campaign was just terrible and highlights the fact that 343 still didn't completely know what Halo was about back in 2013/2014 (when they started working on it).

After Halo 5, I would shut 343 down for a month, break them into teams, and make them complete Halo 1 - Reach campaigns and report what their findings were. Present to me why you believe they were so beloved and what made Halo arguably the top shooter in the 00s.

This video is lengthy, but explains why 343 has been so incompetent and pretty much sums up why they have had no clue how to run the Halo franchise.

-Foxtrot183d ago

That is a good video, good find man

Gamist2dot0183d ago

Wow, that was sad to watch (former fan) yet entertaining and the length was just right.

TheCommentator183d ago

"What happened? Easy to understand to be honest...they tried to make Halo THEIR thing and tried to remove Bungie attatcment from it."

So Halo became bad because it tried to be different, but State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 aren't doing enough to change? Seems like there's a very small window for success for MS when it comes to how their games are being judged around here...

super_bruno182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

"In the end, they ruined it by forcing in a 343 crafted character with Agent Lock which they hoped could be so badass they could eventually replace Master Chief with since they knew how big MC was and how it was basically the equivalent of MC holding a big ass "Bungie Made"

really, that's what happened, that is a bold assumptiont. I don't think they wanted to replace Mater chief at all, that would be suicide. I think the just wanted to introduce a second character, kind of what Bungie did in Halo 2 with the Arbiter.

-Foxtrot182d ago

Yeah a second character they could slowly transition into the main character, do it over time and what do you have in the future? A 343 made main character fronting the Halo franchise.

Razmiran182d ago

Yeah, just a secondary character, thats why he only got 85% of the missions

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franwex183d ago

Basically the campaign was weak. The mp is great.
But it looks like 343 has taken the feedback to heart. Let’s see if they implement and actually improve the experience in the next game.
Unlike Bungie with Destiny 2.

spicelicka183d ago

I think the post launch support was great, a LOT of free content which was great. They will also be taking 4 years this time (they've hinted at 2019) which means they are willing to spend more time on it instead of releasing a rushed product.

I don't have much faith in their storytelling tbh, but I think if they can make the campaign gameplay amazing I will be satisfied.

eddieistheillest183d ago

The only good Halos were Bungie Halo game.

franwex183d ago

It’s crazy that the 343 Halo games are better than the Destiny games.