Kojima teasing Death Stranding E3 Trailer

Next month at the PlayStation showcase at E3 2018, Death Stranding will be one of the focus points, and we are getting a deep dive into the game. On Twitter, Hideo Kojima has started teasing for the event, sharing pictures of himself editing the game in his office.

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PaleMoonDeath209d ago

Offt.. also, that Godzilla model is dope.

Nyxus208d ago

Kojima seems to be obsessed with Godzilla. He has a whole bunch of statues like that.

nowitzki2004208d ago

I know Godzilla used to be huge back in the day. Its probably a big influence in his early life.

bouzebbal208d ago

give us some gameplay please!

DigitalRaptor209d ago


Can't wait to see the new trailer and some gameplay of this. We're almost there.

Nyxus209d ago

Yep it really sounds like E3 will be about the gameplay. Same with TLOU Part II. Gonna be good!

Veneno208d ago

These two games are the ones Ive been waiting for this gen as the best experiences this gen has to offer. If They came out within the same year it would be euphoric gaming OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HeisenbergX208d ago

The first Kojima game Death Stranding from his new studio is going to be ps exclusive that much we know for certain.

Notellin208d ago

It's safe to say never in this case. In fact absolutely impossible is the better response.

Hugodastrevas208d ago

@super you should start a petition about that!

PapaBop208d ago

The same day as Half Life 3

Araragifeels 208d ago

Never because PlayStation is completely funding Death Stranding plus is using Guerillas Game engine which is a PlayStation engine and Kojima have a contract with PlayStation.

UCForce208d ago

You know that game use Horizon Zero Dawn Engine aka Decima. GG is Sony First Party. Yeah, it will never come out. People say the same thing to Bloodborne which was developed by From Software with Japan Studios which is Sony First Party.

AspiringProGenji208d ago

This has to be trolling at this point

BehindTheRows208d ago

If you can convince Microsoft to buy a Sony property, that’s when you’ll be able to play it. :)

xX-oldboy-Xx208d ago

You're not very good at this are you?

UCForce208d ago

I don’t think so. He joined N4G in 2013. He know gaming, but he is just pretending to be new.

MarineLineman208d ago

Sony-published title + it’s using Sony’s Decima Engine. You’re better off asking when’s Halo out on PS4?

super_cuddles208d ago

Oh it could happen, in fact, that may be more likely, except ps communtiy don't want halo

MarineLineman208d ago

Well, at least we agree on that. If I were you though, I would accept the fact that unless something really bad happens to Sony and PS, it will be a long time before this game comes to Xbox. Kindof figure you’re just trolling, but still lol

Sevir208d ago

The console release is being published by Sony, there will be a Steam release after the PS4 version. Presumably 6 months to a year after .

DigitalRaptor208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

That is completely false.

Death Stranding is fully funded and published by Sony.

Mark Cerny is the game's Technical Producer.

The game is using Guerrilla Games' in-house engine Decima, which continues to be worked on by both that studio and Kojima Productions. Kojima produtions has even set up a dedicated satellite studio in Amsterdam near where Guerrilla is located so that they can work closely when it comes to collaboration and getting the best out of Decima for the game's vision. It's a complete and permanent PlayStation exclusive.

MarineLineman208d ago

lol You’re still trying to spread that false information based off a rumor from before the game was even announced, and before it was switched over to the Decima Engine. What part do you not understand that Sony owns both the IP and the engine? A PC release isn’t impossible, but neither is the sun turning into a black hole in the near future. Sony would have 100% of the say in whether or not it gets released on anything besides PlayStation. But, if you want to bank on that, be my guest. You’ll be waiting a long time though, as well as anyone who listens to you.

Chevalier208d ago

Never. Its by Sony Interactive and uses Sonys proprietary engine.

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Einhander1971208d ago

Never say never just don’t hold your breath for this on Xbox😂

MaxiPower90208d ago

mgsv was trash. he needs to prove himself.

thisismyaccount208d ago

yes it was. what the actual fuck. terrible intro, terrible bosses .. like the one sharing an "intim moment" with on da jeep. ugly empty open world, boring and at one point repetitive gameplay .. ocelot suddenly a nice guy!? when he was the complete opposite in mgs3 and mgs1.

the whole stupid twist at the end. ... his obsession with the bikini, even though she had an alternate outfit with clothes on. the female co writer in charge of mgS 1 to 3 left kojima stating that he is a terrible writer. but now ppl. blame everything on konami (partially they are correct), and elevate kojima to god status.

i loved mgs 1 to 3, had to watch msg 4 and wish i never had touched mgs5. what a way to end your favorite franchise. best part of mgs5 was that i ran at 1080p60 on consoles ... imho one the biggest disappointments of the past few years. Oly beaten by the even worse fiasco called final fantasy 13 ver.... i mean 15.

thx god for nier, nioh, p5, botw, dq11 ...

Goldby208d ago


Well, MGS1 happened after MGS5. so its understandable why Ocelot wouldn't be the nice guy when Solid snake (who wasnt in 3 or 5) shows up to take down the patriots.

Also in regards to MSG5, that was the turning point for ocelot, he lost everything and didnt have anyone to hold him up, at least not his close allies (we never even got to play as big boss).

im suprised you werent complainign about having someone else voice venom snake (the medic)

BehindTheRows208d ago

Then why do you want the game on Xbox? ^_^

super_cuddles208d ago

Behind the rows, mgsv is on Xbox.

BehindTheRows208d ago

MGSV is owned by Konami, not Sony.

nowitzki2004208d ago

I blame Konami more. They wanted something he didnt. All he needed was freedom, and he has that now.

UCForce208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

MGS V did have one scene that was cut in final game. It shown Venom Snake was bloody and has demon horn in the final battle against the Metal Gear. It was also show the village has been destroyed and innocent people died in that battle. And Venom Snake was screaming in agony. Well, it was in the game kind of, but it was only using concept art than gameplay. I think Kojima did want to put that scene in that game, but Konami didn’t let him finished it. This trailer :

UCForce208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

Sure, MGS V isn’t that great like previous MGS games. But the gameplay is just top notch. From what I understand, Kojima and his team focus on more gameplay than story which is kinda disappointing. But MGS 5 gameplay give player a lot of arsenal. You can go gun blazing or stealth, but most importantly the game give you a lot of tools to play. MGS V is good, but it’s not a trash. If you want to call something a trash, that would be Metal Gear Survive. Before he left Konami, Kojima did want to create something new than MGS. He did want to make a new Zone Of Ender game or new Silent Hill game which was cancelled by Konami.

obidanshinobi208d ago

Flawed yes, trash no.
I had fun in the 25 odd hours I put into it, didn't complete it mind, stop playing when the missions began to repeat themselves.

MaxiPower90208d ago

the game just ends after ine of them repetitive missions. no real build up to an ending just bam ebdijg cutscene..

Veneno208d ago

Trash compared to the fantastic legacy before it. That should be apparent.

Veneno208d ago

MGO was especially trash. Im actually right now giving the campaign another chance as I dropped it after the lame intro which by tradition is supposed to blow us away and glue us to the game. Other than the amazing lighting and frame rate it failed this time. I just completed the first "real mission" and so far it is not winning me over. But luckily i have nothing else interesting to play so I will keep going lolol. I think its time to get back into PC gaming.

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