Why It's Obvious Both SP and MP Games Aren't Going Anywhere; Gaming is Evolving as a Whole

The community has seen an influx of great experiences in both single player games and multiplayer games in recent years, so why do so many consider one play style to be more dominant than the other? The truth is that video games have become so unbelievably universal, so broad in terms of game play that they’re finally opening up to becoming one of the most diverse, if not most influential methods of entertainment in the modern era. And both single player and multiplayer experiences are only evolving further as a whole.

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987d ago
AspiringProGenji987d ago

Greed is what keeps evolving. Most of these MP game today are slot machines or filled with predatory practice. Good luck with that casuals but I am not giving any publisher a cent

showtimefolks987d ago

couldn't agree more. We single player gamers don't hate or dislike MP games, what we do hate is how those micro transactions/loot boxes are now ending up in our single player games. Single player games or story driven games aren't going anywhere and neither will MP(but MP can't survive as is

KickSpinFilter987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

EEERrrrr. Fanboys?
Both are great options for different reasons. I need both.

TheOttomatic91986d ago

Agreed even though I vastly prefer SP games I never once thought MP only games were disappearing.