5 Sony Games That Would Make Sony's E3 2018 Conference the Best One Ever

Sony's E3 2018 conference has already generated a lot of attention. Confirmed titles to be shown include The Last of Us Part II, Sucker Punch's Ghosts of Tsushima, and Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding. However, here are 5 games that would make Sony's E3 2018 conference the best this year.

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Relientk77210d ago

I think you are gonna get your wish.

manabyte77209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

That’s “all” you want to see? I’d like to see it too, but I’d bereally disappointed if that’s the only new thing we saw. Luckily we’ll be getting an in-depth look at four of Sony’s last major PS4 exclusives as well.

Obscure_Observer208d ago


"Luckily we’ll be getting an in-depth look at four of Sony’s last major PS4 exclusives as well."

Luckily? Shawn Layden pretty much confirmed what you´re wishing for in the latest Playstation Blogcast

Rippcity209d ago

That and Cyberpunk. I couldn't get into the Witcher 3 for whatever reason but I feel like Cyberpunk is more up my alley. Also gameplay. Reveal trailers are cool and all but if there ain't gameplay don't show it!

ArchangelMike210d ago

The deep dives on TLOU2, Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding, plus the inevitable surprise announcements will already make Sony's E3 conference one of the best ever imo.

Neonridr210d ago

I mean what you listed alone almost guarantees a really solid showing. So anything on top of that is really just going to be icing on the proverbial cake as they say it. I am excited to see what else Sony has cooking up their sleeves.

Super excited for E3. Bring the good stuff Sony / Nintendo.

manabyte77209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

The ultimate Nintendo fanboy just had to throw Nintendo’s name in Sony article 😂. Some Ninty drones just can’t control themselves I suppose 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Neonridr209d ago

@manabyte - you sure do have a strange obsession with me today. Sorry if I happen to own multiple consoles. I didn't know I was only allowed to support one company.

CocoaBrother210d ago

I would love to see Bloodborne 2.

Goldby209d ago

apparently if the rum,or is to be belived, ther i no bloodborne 2 in development

manabyte77209d ago

That article was about From Soft. Sony owns the IP and co-developed it. I’d be really surprised if it wasn’t in the works by Sony Japan, even if it’s just early planning stages.

Obscure_Observer208d ago


"apparently if the rum,or is to be belived, ther i no bloodborne 2 in development"

Yeah. Japan Studios would have to step up and take over the full development of Bloodborne 2 (or Demon Souls 2) since apparently, From Software don´t want to get involved.

DigitalRaptor210d ago

Way, way too early to see an announcement of Horizon 2.

They're not announcing a new Ratchet & Clank before Spider-Man's marketing cycle is over.

I refuse to believe Twisted Metal could ever resurface.

firelogic209d ago

Agreed. Horizon just came out last year, there's no way they even tease a sequel this year.

paintedgamer1984209d ago

Demons Souls 2 please or remaster and ill be happy af

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The story is too old to be commented.