Emily Rogers Claims Pokemon Switch Release Date is 2018

Emily Rogers claimed on ResetEra that the Pokemon Switch Release Date is in 2018. This coincides with rumblings since the beginning of the year and even Junichi Masuda, a member of the board of directors at Game Freak, has encouraged fans to buy a Switch. He has been intimately involved in almost every Pokemon game.

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guywazeldatatt253d ago

I find the bit about Junichi Masuda basically teasing fans that Pokemon for Switch is coming out soon and to buy a Switch. Everything points to it. I don't even think Emily Rogers is really credible most of the time but so many things are indicative of this...

TekoIie252d ago

There's some credibility there considering the Mario X Rabbids leaks were on point.

guywazeldatatt252d ago

yeah she's hit or miss but there's so much evidence to this it's ridiculous. there have been rumblings for a long time.

Eonjay252d ago

I want to know if this means that support on the 2DS/3DS will continue.

smashman98252d ago

The only thing she has missed is Mother 3 and timing on certain announcements. The fact is that the timing on announcements in the gaming landscape is an everchanging thing so while she may have given us timeframes for announcements in the past is completely in the realm of belief that those dates would have changed, which is only reinforced by all the details she correctly informed the gaming public about. As for mother 3 I'd be surprised if the game isn't real like she said and nintendo has been holding onto it.

nintendoswitchfan252d ago

If Pokemon comes out this year game over, Nintendo wins, see you next year sony and microsoft.

guywazeldatatt252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Honestly it depends if TLOU Part II comes out this year. if it doesn't, and death stranding won't, the switch will sell so ridiculously well. those pokemon fans are crazy intense and a lot are just waiting for pokemon which is why it's important that it be released this year.

nintendoswitchfan252d ago

the last of us will probably be early 2019 and even then people aren't waiting to buy a ps4 for tlou2, people are waiting to buy a switch for pokemon. once again, nintendo will destroy the holidays with smash and pokemon. pretty amazing.

guywazeldatatt252d ago

I forgot about smash. Oh man. And two of Nintendo's most competitive titles too (Pokemon can be so in-depth it's ridiculous). I just hope Smash supports the GameCube controller and adapter. It will be insane though to have smash and pokemon come out close together, but I would think Nintendo would space them out just a little. Smash in October, Pokemon in December. Or vice-versa.

deafdani252d ago

Even if TLOU2, Death Stranding, Ghosts of Tsushima and Half Life 3 came out for PS4 this year, Pokémon Switch would still sell like hotcakes. Lol. It's the biggest IP in the world.

As for Gamecube controller support, the Switch console itself is already compatible with those via the Smash Gamecube dongle. Don't believe me, try it yourself. So there's no reason for Smash Switch not to support that controller. Also, it's Sakurai's favorite controller, so he will support it.

Imalwaysright252d ago

TloU isn't as big as Pokemon. In fact neither MS or Sony have an IP as big as Pokemon that consistently sells around 15 million copies per game and if this game is a fully realized 3d open world game it could easily be the biggest game of the year.

septemberindecember252d ago


The gamecube adapter already works with the Switch, and functions with every game (the only caveat being it's limited inputs and no motion controls). So Super Smash Bros will definitely support Gamecube controllers.

Neonridr252d ago

In Japan alone Pokemon will literally stop the country.

michellelynn0976252d ago

No it doesn't. LOU2 can't compete with Pokemon. And Smash? Fire Emblem? Sony just don't have the games to compete with that.

DillyDilly252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Those games mean nothing especially since Pokemon has wider appeal & will sell many more consoles. Anyone that wants a PS4 likely has one at this point in its life

People will buy Switches just for Pokemon

Gaming_1st252d ago

Sorry but Pokemon will not touch RDR2, which will not be on the Switch.

kevnb251d ago

TLOU is no Pokémon sales wise.

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MeteorPanda252d ago

how do you feel about
pokeon sun moon
pokemon sun moon ultra

All being the same game sold 4 times? You know whats coming to switch? Pokemon sun moon.

guywazeldatatt252d ago

Eh no. Nintendo knows they have to deliver a fresh experience. Game Freak knows. they won't try to pull that...yet, lol.

narsaku252d ago

It must hurt to be an idiot.

Nitrowolf2252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Its been confirmed its 8th gen though....

Neonridr252d ago

They already said it's a new game

G3ng4r251d ago

Lol this kid. You're aware you only need one version of each two, right? How many times did you buy uncharted? This is confirmed gen 8, worry more.

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TallonIV252d ago

Smash comes out this year, it's already game over for Sony and Microsoft.

Prince_TFK252d ago

Exclusive-wise, if both Smash and Pokemon come out this year then Nintendo will come out swinging. Third party-wise, I don’t see anything taking the crown from RDR2, barring a surprise announcement and surprise release of ES6.

princejb134252d ago

to bad nintendo still hasnt figured out the whole online thing. Thats what killed smash for me.

-Foxtrot252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Yes because it's not like they have any competition...oh right, God of War and Red Dead Redemption II say hi

I mean no offence but it's like last E3 when Nintendo only showed a black screen with a logo saying "Metroid 4" or "Pokemon Switch" and everyone was like "OMG NINTENDO WINS" despite not showing anything on it.

guywazeldatatt252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Yeah it really all depends. Like don't underestimate Pokemon if it releases. Their fans are crazy intense. Red Dead, Spider-Man, God of War, MAYBE The Last of Us if they can though I doubt it...we just don't know. They could even surprise us with Death Stranding though I doubt that as well. But if Pokemon releases switch sales will be crazy insane. It's just how intense pokemon fans are. They'll buy all the versions and buy a switch simply for one game. It's not even a reflection of whether the Switch is good or not (I'm being objective here, no opinion interjecting) or if the new pokemon will be good (the last few entries eh but still sold like hotcakes). Quality doesn't matter to Pokemon fans. Look at Pokemon GO and the fest coming up. Still sold out instantly despite how shitty last year was. And Pokemon GO is so mediocre and boring.

-Foxtrot252d ago

Yeah I guess it does depends and I know what hardcore Pokemon fans are like...I mean at the end of the day they bought into Ultra Sun and Moon which were basically small upgraded versions with minimal differences.

Basically it was Pokemon Stars they split into another two games instead of just doing one big, final version.

I'm really hoping being on the Switch, a home console first and foremost that they stick to one version. Having two versions on the handheld systems made sense with how much people took them out and about, interacting with people and trading Pokemon but considering most people seem to keep their Switch inside COMPARED to the 3DS there's literally no point but to give everyone a single full on version. If they want people to connect with one another they have their online system coming and would be a great way to show the online system off...with a big ass title alongside it.

TallonIV252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

You clearly don't understand the importance of Metroid do you. Many fans including myself thought Nintendo were not going to touch the Prime series since it had been 11 years since Prime 3. Just showing the Prime 4 logo was a huge surprise and showed that Nintendo do still care about the IP and its fanbase.

-Foxtrot252d ago (Edited 252d ago )


I'm not saying there's no importance but when people bitch about Microsoft or Sony showing games at E3 with only a teaser and nothing else only to then go "why did they announce this now when they hardly showed anything" it's a bit hypocritical

Plus you can't really say someone "won E3" when there two biggest announcements were a logo on a black screen. Not even a little montage of the previous games or something leading up to the logo.

That's my point here...and if you've seen my posts over the years about how I wish Nintendo would make Metroid 4 or a console Pokemon game you'd know that I would never doubt how important they are.

Chevalier252d ago

God Of War will probably be near 10 million sold by the fall.

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ABizzel1252d ago

I’m sure both of them will be just fine. One more than the other.

Looking forward to an announcement and hopefully they bring back Megas, more primals, new evolutions of older mon, and unique typings (there are nearly 900 Pokemon there should be one of every type combination by now).

princejb134252d ago

We dont even know what kind of pokemon game it is. If its a full blown rpg than yes. If its something like pokemon stadium, or pokemon mystery dungeon than no.

Myst-Vearn252d ago

Sony has already 'won' this console war, sales-wise and the amount of different AAA games that came out and still to come out. a main Pokemon game on Switch will be huge, but it's too late to beat the PS4. And LOL Microsoft isn't even a contender in this .

Spikeantestor252d ago

Ehhhh, the PS4 is on track to sell a 100 million systems but the time the gen is over. The Switch MIGHT do a little better but it's hard to say Nintendo will have won exactly.

SuperSonic91252d ago

The usual childish Nintendo corporate slave comment....

MarineLineman252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

It doesn’t make a difference either way. PS4 is going to sell extremely well with games like God of War, Spider Man, RDR2, BO4, and the new BF. Switch will sell well from Smash and Pokémon. PS4 is not going to get cannibalized by Pokémon, regardless of what Nintendo fans are hoping for.

Also, are people sure about Pokémon being the ultimate system seller? I mean what’s the excuse for 3DS? It’s had several
Pokémon titles, as well as a 2 1/2 year headstart over PS4, yet PS4 comfortably passed it in WW sales back in November.

I’m happy I’ll be allowing myself the luxury of enjoying both Spider Man and Pokemon later this year. Kindof sad that that’s a sentiment that gets so many peoples’ blood boiling.

HeisenbergX252d ago

@ nintendoswitchfan Riiiiiiiiight xD ahh i love nintendo comments like these..

you just forgot about two little games called Spiderman and Red Dead Redemtion 2 coming this year and lot of other Ps4 only games but yeah pokemon will make Sony pack their bags for the year when Zelda and Mario barley brought the momentum down from them last year and those games were big.

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narsaku252d ago

It's possible, Pokemon games don't take them that long to make.. But I'm worried it won't be taking full advantage of the Switch if it's so soon after that basic drawing room announcement..

But who knows, Nintendo is surprising the fuck out of me this gen.

guywazeldatatt252d ago

we have no idea how long it's been in development either. honesty it may completely revolutionize the series. I hope so.

narsaku252d ago

Yea it could have been coming a long time, but I sort of recall the Pokemon company not believing that the Switch would be successful, and since it was announced in a drawing board room with not even any music to show, I got the impression it was very early development.

But that's not really evidence of anything just conjecture on my part.

Hope it's good though, I haven't enjoyed Pokemon games since FireRed. I REALLY want to enjoy a new one... Just can't stand all the cringy shit they do in the new games.

guywazeldatatt252d ago

did they really think the switch wouldn't be successful? that's crazy if so. it's funny how so many companies have been caught off guard. koei tecmo believed since the beginning though!!!

Eiyuuou252d ago

If it's true and it's good, I'll be getting a Switch this year!

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