What Really Went Wrong with the Silent Hill HD Collection

In an interview with a source who worked on the Silent Hill HD Collection, Rely on Horror got to the bottom of what went wrong during development. As is often the case with Konami, it comes down to more than just rushed development or tight budgets. Unfinished assets, canceled bug patches, unreasonable timelines, and more harmed the development of Silent Hill HD and helped Konami put one more nail in the franchise’s coffin.

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PhoenixUp822d ago

Really jarring to see Konami docso right with the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, do subpar with the Zone of the Enders HD Collection and then do so wrong with the Silent Hill HD Collection

Derceto821d ago

"Metal Gear Solid HD Collection / Developer(s) - Kojima Productions"

"Silent Hill HD Collection / Developer(s) - Hijinx Studios"

Pretty much enough said on this one.

snake-OO821d ago

It was Bluepoint studios who worked on MGS HD Collection not Kojima productions but going with your point Bluepoint are a reputable developers in their own right.

GamesMaster1982821d ago

How is that enough said ? Kojima productions never done the HD version it was Bluepoint , don’t know much do ya pal.

GamesMaster1982821d ago

Say what yo want about Konami yes they are greedy fucks , but they have some of the best games ever made in their portfolio

gangsta_red821d ago

Silent Hill 2 still remains one of the best games I have ever played.

I have the original copy of the game along with part 3

zielocz3k821d ago

they should release SH games on PS4 :/ at least as PS2 classics, easy cash for Konami.

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