Reselling Your Digital Games Will Soon Be a Reality

Plenty of obstacles and opportunities ahead for blockchain retailer Robot Cache.

Robot Cache, announced at the beginning of this year, is due to be launched by the end of the year. In the simplest possible terms, it’s like Steam, except you get to resell the games you buy. It operates using a mixture of cash, cryptocurrencies and in-store credits. So far, Fargo has managed to persuade a small number of publishers to get on board, including 505 Games, Paradox and THQ Nordic. More are promised.

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Gridknac158d ago

Sounds more like a digital Gamestop. You only get 25% of the sale, pfff! Then the publisher dictates when you can and can't sell your games, controlling the value of the games. Thanks, but no thanks. When you buy a digital game its should be treated as a admission ticket. So long as you have a ticket you can play the game when ever you want. Then I should be able to sell/trade/give away that ticket when ever, to who ever I want. Then we can talk about a digital marketplace that reflects the physical one. A physical market, mind you, that every company out there is dying to get us all to leave behind.

Stanjara158d ago

That ticket you say used to be CD keys

CorndogBurglar158d ago

That's about the only way I can see selling games back digitally would work. (Your ticket idea, I mean.)

But even then, I don't see how you can sell it back to the digital store you bought it from. Selling "tickets" to other people makes sense. But selling back to the store makes no sense to me. Its digital files. It's not like the store has an inventory. What incentive would they have to buy anything back? Technically they aren't even buying anything back. You aren't giving them the files back. It would just basically be selling access to the game back.

But I feel like that is a slippery slope. I guess would basically be paying a one-time access fee. But that just goes back to my original question. Why would a digital store care if you want to keep playing or not? Why would they pay you money to quit playing a game? They are getting nothing in return. Unless they hope you will use the trade-in money in their store. But still, you can get the same effect by just having sales like PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam.

1nsomniac158d ago

@corndogburglar because selling your “ticket” back to the store means that they can sell it back to someone else as a brand new “ticket” at retail price.

This is a scam plain and simple. The consumer looses either way. All they’re trying to do is sugar coat it to try & push the fully digital agenda because they’re failing to get it past even the everyday unknowledgable consumer.

getbacktogaming158d ago

Why are digital games the same price as physical if they are just "admission tickets"? Seems like they should be wayyy cheaper...

indyman7777157d ago

What you say is actually in the article it says it in large print you only get 25% of the sales price.....Obviously the sales price would not be as high as a high price. right? Even if it is 25$ of 59.99 dollar is only $14.99. Not even as good as Gamestop at that point.

The one negative is what if they take a game off the sales list and you cant redownload it? It has happened on many sites before.

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frostypants157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Right, but blockchain basically slays all when it comes to keeping track of ownership of assets. Game publishers should love it. This is a pretty slam dunk use case for blockchain IMO.

zerocarnage158d ago

I'm totally against the idea.

I stopped with physical copies because of second hand stores taking the p!ss. As soon as a game came out I wanted rather than just waiting I would get rid of 4 or more games to get one new game, which left me with no collection on the end.

Now on digital I have such a collection that I'm happy for once and there is nothing in my face saying trade in your unwanted copies of games even if I do not play them currently I mite down the line.

Prices need to get better for the individual who buys games and 're sells them on and from the way that was painted out I do not like there being to many middle men and there are way to many taking money in that digital world 're sell your games and end up with nothing..

super_cuddles158d ago

Exact same boat here, had over 100 games last gen and traded em all
This gen I still have every game digital still

steven83r158d ago

So last gen you were forced to sell your physical games to get new ones? And now that you went digital you have all your games haha. Could that be because you are forced to keep them? Sounds like you had no control in keeping games until you were forced to.

AnubisG157d ago

zerocarnage and super_cuddles made the worst cases for digital games collections. Wow, did you guys think about what you said before you did?

jznrpg158d ago

Or you could keep your physical games and buy a new physical and have a physical collection?

arkard158d ago

Or sell your physical game to another gamer and not a store that rips you off. With GCU from bestbuy I buy games at about 52$ after tax,plag them for a month then sell most at 45-50 bucks. ~6$ for a month of playtime is totally worth it. Games that I am vested into the online I'll keep, but single player games or games I don't plan on coming back to are sold

Bobafret158d ago

No one is forcing you to sell your games. Do you have that little self control?

DivineBliss158d ago

What r u going to do when the service ends and the servers r shut down? Ur going to lose everything one day

steven83r158d ago

You made absolutely no sense. You had to sell your physical copies to afford a new physical copy but now that you go digital you somehow have the money to buy full price? Digital doesn't go on sale. I don't sell my physical copies i just keep adding to them.

rainslacker157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

not sure I understand.

You stopped buying physical because you traded in your games to get new ones, but with digital you keep your games and just buy them "new"?

Did the retail store you were forced to buy from only sell you new games if you traded in old ones? If so, then yeah I could understand...although I'd question why you'd go to that store with the options to simply go elsewhere.

What was preventing you from just keeping your physical games, and buying the new physical games at whatever the going price was?

You'd still have your collection, and that collection would actually be worth something. Maybe not much in some cases, but certainly more than your digital collection is...because a digital collection is really worthless in terms of resale value....unless you sell your whole account.

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chris235158d ago

don‘t care. the main argument for selling games was the physical storage problem. now that games take up zero space who would think of selling a digital good?

yomfweeee158d ago

I don't think that was the main argument. Myself and most people I know who sell their games, sell them because they are done with them. I like recouping some money on a game I'll never play again.

So, that would still apply here.

Rippcity158d ago

Yeah the reason I went all digital is so I didn't have to carry multiple boxes of games every time I moved. And also because my physical game collection (which was a lot of older rare ps1 games) lost a lot of value once they started re-releasing digitally. That said I like my digital collection now. I know it's a mindset thing but I'm not concerned about the value of games anymore. When I buy it I'm expecting to have it forever without the option to trade in. I don't disagree with @yomfweee though. If you want your money back and would like to resell your digital library then that should be available to you. I'm just wondering how they are going to dictate prices. It makes sense with physical. When Gamestop has hundreds of copies of a game in the bargain bin then it makes sense to only get a couple bucks trade in value. But that's pure supply and demand. With digital there is no supply/demand as its purely an access thing.

BlaqMagiq1158d ago

I would. I have plenty of digital games I regret buying and I would sell them in a heartbeat. It has nothing to do with space.

Mista2018157d ago

Maybe to sell a game they regret buying(?)

Some people are really f'ing slow

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Skankinruby158d ago

One less argument people can use against digital games. However I will never use this. I love having the option of just re-downloading a game if I feel nostalgic while not having to clutter my shelves with game cases I never touch.

rainslacker157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Considering what is proposed here, I don't really see it as a valid argument. User would only get 25% of the sale, and the sale price wouldn't be the full price of the game. You'd get better trade in value at GameStop, or just selling it yourself with a physical game.

It's a step in the right direction, but I think the digital 2nd hand sale is going to have a lot of growing pains to actually become something that is acceptable for all....and the more likely scenario is that government regulation will step in making it mandatory, with the publisher/store front not taking so much of a cut. The only way publishers and store fronts want it is if they get a significant portion of the revenue, because they don't want 2nd hand sales where they get nothing or very little.

Smokehouse158d ago

Hopefully bioware ends up on there. I’d like to sell Andromeda. I would take 5 dollars.

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