7 Brand New PS4 Exclusives That Could Be Announced at E3 2018 | Push Square

Sony's E3 2018 press conference is roughly one month away.

Here's a list of 7 brand new PS4 exclusives that could be announced during the show.

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nucky64254d ago

I want a new demon souls!

shinoff2183253d ago

Wish it was an actual article, sometimes I'd prefer to just read.

DigitalRaptor253d ago

I know. I searched Push Square for the article version, but there was none, so I just posted the video.

It's a good list though.

shinoff2183252d ago

Sometimes I lay in bed and read my phone so I like the articles especially since it's quiet and won't wake the baby. That's why I just prefer them. I'll check the video out though

MarineLineman253d ago

I’ve still got my fingers crossed that PSASBR2 will be a thing