Final Fantasy VIII and XIII Are Not All BAD

Cris is back talking about the few good aspects of Final Fantasy VIII and XIII.

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thatguyhayat215d ago

What was wrong with number 8? 13 had a good storyline but the gameplay was something that shouldn't have happened. Game was in development for ps2 then moved over to next gen if i remember correctly

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-Foxtrot215d ago

I find it HILARIOUS they are making out FFVIII and FFXIII are like games on a similar level

FFVIII was considered bad at the time just because it was nitpicked to death by mostly new fans who were p***** that it wasn't a direct sequel to FFVII...especially after that games "500 years later" ending. People wanted more and didn't realise each FF game told a different story in a brand new world with different characters and themes. So people nitpicked it to death and bigged up the flaws despite the fact each FF game has it's own flaws. Word still spreads today as it's been circling since before the internet was a big thing. FFVIII is actually a fantastic game and honestly in some ways is better then FFVII, sure it dosen't have the same impact but that along with FFIX did things better.

FFXIII on the other hand is just a really bad FF game with legit reasons.

Myst-Vearn215d ago's possible there were some legit reasons for disliking FF8? like the damned junction system and the story and setting were different from what players expect from a FF game. I don't hate FF8 but I can understand why some don't like it, they don't have to be butthurt FF7 fans.

-Foxtrot215d ago

Like I said there's issues with every FF game so nitpicking some and making a huge deal about them only to let others go right over you because you like that game more is a bit bias.

Junction System - First it's really complicated and people moan on about that yet the next it's "the junction system can really be exploited to get you 9999 health and attack easy". So what is it

Draw System - "I always, ALWAYS have to draw in battle" really don't because there's pink draw spots dotted around the map and later on during the game you can go to the Island of Heaven and Hell to mine magic draw points. I never once drew magic in battle and survived the game.

Squall is an emo - For like the start of the game sure he's moody and down but it tells you why during the story and who can blame the guy. Considering he had some of the best main character development in a FF game you slowly see him change from a lonely, selfish jerk to a brave heroic leader who finally gets past his issues and lets the one he loves in. Cloud went all down and "emo" during FF7 when he was like "who am I" and did it a few times but no one said a thing. You go more into Squalls past then you do with most other characters.

GF memory issues - I can understand this plot point but a few people did mention it and I'm sure when you equip you GF's at the start of the game in the class room and log into the computer it talks about how people go on about memory loss, pushing unnecessary information out

Orphanage - Can't really defend this, it's one of those "WTF" Final Fantasy plot points but every game has them lets be honest. Cool idea, bad execution.

Why not destroy Dr. Odine's Junction System for Ellone and ruin Ultimecia plan - It's one of those timey wimey things lets be honest, it is time travel after all. Paradoxes and the like who knows.

FinalFantasyFanatic215d ago

I didn't find the Junction system too bad, I mean I played it at the age of 13 and understood the system reasonably well and exploited it.

shloobmm3215d ago

Nothing. 8 was actually considerably better than 7 and right up there with 9.

narsaku215d ago

Like... That's your opinion man, and I'm happy you found a FF game you enjoyed so much, but like... Better than 7?...

Well, it doesn't matter. FF9 was great. >:D

babadivad215d ago

I agree. I enjoyed FF8 far more than 7. I think FF7 has the strong nostalgia effect giving people rose tented glasses when looking back at the title.

RainbowBrite215d ago

I don't know... As soon as I saw that little yellow bird in the black dude's afro, the game kind of lost me... it was something like the Falcien ruling over Cocoon, and the evil Cieth or something like that... And Snow was such a wussy

360ICE215d ago

Final Fantasy XIIIs core story was good, but pacing and dialogue sucked

quent215d ago

Cie,cie,cie,cie,cie+ big evil pope monster= good Storyline ?

DarXyde215d ago

I second this.

VIII is actually my favorite, against all odds. XIII could've been great if the whole game was like chapter 11.

rainslacker215d ago

Nothing was wrong with 8. I never actually heard anyone say it was bad, just people that say it wasn't as good as VII, but even that is hotly debated.

XIII I have to disagree with you on, as the combat was good, just not for most of the game. You had to fight the harder enemies to really get to the good stuff with it. The story was good, and it's only real shortcoming on that front was that it was poorly presented.

I don't recall XIII being in development for PS2. XII came out kind of near the end of the PS2 gen. I think it was stripped of content for release, because once it became open, it just seemed barren. Many assume that was because they decided to release it on the 360 as well, and it was limited by the DVD media that it used. That's speculation though, and it's also just possible they just didn't complete the game....which isn't that uncommon, as FFXV feels much the same way.

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Gardenia215d ago

FFVIII was different, but a great game. FFXIII however was trying to copy FFX's success and failed hard

michellelynn0976215d ago

Bingo. I just got bored with 13. A FF game and I got bored with it. That never happened before.

babadivad215d ago

FF13 held your hand for FAR too long. It was like they expected it to be every players's first RPG. They're were still basic features locked to you halfway through the game. Simple shit.

If they would have let you go by say Chapter 2 or 3 it would have gone a long way towards making the game better. It also would've made battles less of a chore.

Also, a simple strafing system would have done wonders for the combat. They wanted to make it an action/turn based system but didn't go far enough. You couldn't control your character at all while waiting to attack. The odd thing is, your character moves on their own[drifting left or drifting right]. Often times, they would drift directly into the enemies attack[when they were targeting someone else]. Would have been much easier to allow you to choose the direction they character drifted when it wasn't your time to attack. Would have added some actual "Action" to the action/turn based fighting system.

Greg2801215d ago

8 was my favorite one xD

babadivad215d ago

Not my favorite but I enjoyed it immensely. Better than 7.

deathtok215d ago

I’ve always heard the story of VIII was great but I dropped off quickly due to gameplay elements. Lack of standard progression and guardian spamming led to dull battles :(

ClanPsi1215d ago (Edited 215d ago )

The greatest thing about FF8 is that you can approach it any way you choose, and all options are equally viable. Guardian spamming was YOUR choice. Don't blame the game for your bad decisions.

deathtok214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Turn that passion into a compelling argument about why the game rules. It’s more effective than attempts at putting someone’s opinion down ;)

ClanPsi1214d ago

Everything about your reply makes absolutely no sense. It was a compelling argument, supported by a solid example. And I was critiquing your gameplay choices, not your opinion.

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