Why people hate the ending of Rage

When it was released in 2011, Rage was billed as one of the most ambitious shooters of all time. It was supposed to put players in a massive, fully realized environment powered by new graphics technology from the programming wizards at id Software.

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UCForce253d ago

It was rushed and it didn’t explain everything.

seanpitt23253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

The ending was very lacklustre, you play the game for 20 plus hours which was fun and you sort of knew it was coming to a end but when it did you was like was that it, nah I can't believe it.
The game was in development for 5 years and took alot of money and resources it got delayed a few times and they had to cut corners to eventually get the game out and get some of the much needed money back.(most companies can't do what rockstar can because the money does eventually run out)

So the ending was definitely cut short and the death challenges in the clown house place they cut corners with that and the rpg elements was drastically cut down.

SickSinceSix253d ago

I remember getting a rocket launcher near the end and saving it for a final boss battle that never happened.

SolidGear3252d ago

Only problem I had with the game was the worse pop in I've ever seen on a PS3 game. The ending didn't bother me because I expected a sequel eventually and that's what is now happening.

boing1252d ago

But it was running at 60fps, right? Pop in was terrible though.

theshredded252d ago

other than being rushed, it was weak compared to many worse games and the game even had better moments that would've been the ending instead.

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