Gran Turismo Series Sales At 80.4 Million

This makes Gran Turismo far and away Sony’s most successful series to date- it’s more than Uncharted, more than God of War, more than Ratchet and Clank. Sales have no doubt been buoyed by Gran Turismo Sport‘s release last year- while this shouldn’t be official, extrapolating Sport‘s numbers from this data, as well as previously known lifetime ales for Gran Turismo, puts its sales at 3.5 to 4 million units worldwide.

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FallenAngel1984519d ago

Didn’t everybody already know Gran Turismo is Sony’s most successful franchise?

At 80.4 million GT is the third most successful racing franchise after Need for Speed’s 150 million and Mario Kart’s 132 million

thisismyaccount518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

To be fair, NFS and Mario Kart are older by a quite margin and were avaib. on more platforms than Gran Turismo. A game with heavy focus on "simlike" racing ... which does not seem to appeal anymore these days according to forum experts.

There are like 30 iterations of NFS games on devices like Nokia nGage ... i think GT did great, considering it aint a game meant for casuals. GT Sport would have sold easiyl twice as much, if it had a proper GT Mode on top of the eSport aspect.

bouzebbal518d ago

GT it's 7-8 episodes (if i count PSP).
that's over 10million per episode, which is massive.

Gaming_1st518d ago

And not only that, they do not have to literally put out a game every year. Like a different race that hasn't been mentioned. Or put out 50 different types of NFS on every device.

MarioKart and GT, shows that if you put quality every so often, people will come.

fewDankMemes518d ago

They nail sales but Haven't been able to match quality of other racing series the past two gens.

They're the cod of racing games.

searcam01518d ago

Can you explain how they are the cod of racing?

FITgamer518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

I'd think a another franchise that release yearly, like Forza for example, would be more suited to be called "the cod of racing games."

fewDankMemes518d ago


Because they don't have the greatest critical reception for the past few years, just like COD, but they sell an insane amount of copies, just like COD is still usually the highest selling franchises each year. Even though other games that are far superior and get much better critic scored across the board usually end up selling significantly less.

UCForce518d ago

Really ? Gran Turismo Sports was build up from scratch. The track and cars have been improved and better looks than Gran Turismo 6. The sound is a huge step up. So no, this is not COD of Racing Game. That would be Forza.

fewDankMemes518d ago

Yet when people criticize gt, people just say "but it's the highest selling franchise so it has to be the best!"

Better sales doesn't equal a better game, and franchises like COD and Gran Turismo that have huge names in the industry showcase that.

Since you care so much about metacritic scores when it comes to something like God of War, just go and look at the Metacritic score for the latest Gran Turismo and other more critically successful racing games that score significantly higher but sell significantly less and you'll see what i'm talking about. It's the brand effect

Roronoa0411518d ago

GT Sport was a much different game only a month after release. There was a whole campaign mode added, including more cars and tracks. If they waited a month it would be right up there with forza's meta. Im not sure why people who game on xbox bring up meta scores anyway. Do they not see playstation has like 8 highly rated exclusives to xbox's 1 or 2.

fewDankMemes518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

What do you mean "xbox gamers"? I'm a gamer. I'm just not a hypocrite and don't pick and choose when metascores matter and when they don't.

The quantity of how many great exclusives Sony has has nothing to do with a discussion about Gran Turismo being an average racer compared to other franchises.

UCForce518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

An average racing game ? Not even close. The game have purpose to make player to be a better driver in real life. Yes, I say real life. More importantly, GT have Academy called GT Academy which is a driving school for people want to be racer. Gran Turismo Sport is more about focus and precision. The things is that it’s not like you drive a car right away by playing video game. GT Academy have more stuffs for you to learn than playing video game. GG Academy will test your physical and mentally to the limit. Gran Turismo give you a purpose to be a better driver. You are gamer, but your opinion is executed poorly.

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Inzo518d ago

GT does not get the high critical praise like forza because simply put, its reviewed by gamers but true petrol heads hold GT in far higher regard than any forza game will ever achieve. GTs quality and simulation aspects is just far superior than anything else on the market.

Aceman18518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

Stop smoking that crack my man because GT will always put quality above everything else. Forza fannies spend more time in GT articles than actually going out and supporting their "beloved" franchise.

Also Forza's more the CoD of racing since we get a game every damn year it seems.

trooper_518d ago

You clearly have no clue what you're talking about, do you?

fewDankMemes518d ago (Edited 518d ago )


Why are you bringing up irrelevant informAtion? I'm talking about the quality of games from the past two gens. Why don't you redo your math based on those stats and get back to me, thanks!

Also, way to forget Horizon, the most critically successful Forza series.

fewDankMemes518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

GT5 - Meta = 84,
GT6 - Meta = 81
GTS - Meta = 75

Avg 80

Forza 2 - Meta = 90,
Forza 3 - Meta = 92,
Forza 4 - Meta = 91,
Forza 5 - Meta = 79
Forza 6 - Meta = 87
Forza 7 - Meta = 86
Forza Horizon - Meta = 85
Forza Horizon 2 - Meta = 86
Forza Horizon 3 - Meta = 91

Avg 88

I only ever referenced critical success and the past two gens, and i'm not counting user scores because those aren't critic scores. Especially when there are 3x as many playstation gamers as xbox which means 3x as many trolls to smurf user scores.

I play games to play games, not to influence my real life for those talking Bout gt academy, and Forza dominates for being the best racing GAME by critics for the past two gens. Of you wanna improve your driving go drive a freaking car. i also left out gt prologue, so you're welcome, but if you wanna make the score even lower then be my guest.

Forza critical acclaim for past two generations domination across the nation baby!

517d ago
fewDankMemes517d ago (Edited 517d ago )


Yeah sure, user scores. What does user score have to do with critical success? User scores is just a fanboy war on which side can put the most amount of 0s on the metacritic site. When You've sold 80 million consoles vs less than 30, which side do you think has the better trolling advantage?

And Forza is still part of a franchise whether it's horizon or Motorsport. Don't try to make it seem like i'm trying to spin this when you're the one whose been twisting all of my original points to your liking. You leaving out Horizon would be like if you left out GT sport to buff up it's average meta because Sport isn't an official numbered title.

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bouzebbal518d ago

compare what is comparable...
7 episodes against 10+ for the other series.
GT is 10mill per episode in average and no ports, which isn't bad at all.

trooper_518d ago


Congrats to Sony and the devs.

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CaptainOmega519d ago

Could have been around 86 Million if PD ported GT6 to PS4 earlier this generation. js.

ILostMyMind518d ago

I agree. And that could give PD more time to polish the GTS.

DigitalRaptor519d ago

GT Sport was a nice attempt at breaking into something new for the series, and it's online races are wonderful.

I think people are ready for a full-fat GT7 though.

EazyC518d ago

I am very much enjoying GTS's continued support and updates though! Actually liking the "leaner" approach (could have more tracks mind you)

dp277407518d ago

I want weather and a few more cars and i'd feel complete. I love Sport.

ILostMyMind518d ago

There will be no other GT in this generation.

jerethdagryphon517d ago

The online is amazing highly frustrating cause im crap but very good if ypu want to go by sales
...gt5 outsold the entire forza catalogue combined

Gt academy drivers are too good to count as amateur s gor some of the team races they entered. I learned to drive by gt driving courses and challenges.

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