Let's Give Nintendo Switch Online A Chance Before We Throw It To The Wolves

Every online service has to start somewhere.

Ultimately, NSO is a natural next step for Nintendo and Switch, and while paying for what was once free (and still currently is) might seem irksome, remember that Switch has operated without a paywall on online multiplayer for 18 months by the time NSO launches. Some gamers would much rather pay a small subscription fee and enjoy a more robust service that will no doubt grow over the years to come, than stay with the limited free version gamers have now.

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strayanalog158d ago

Very true. We all have to start somewhere, but the main consensus, at least from what I've gathered, is that players are more upset about cloud saves than the actual online portion.
If Nintendo let us back-up our saves with an SD card then there wouldn't have been such an uproar, at least in my opinion. I would imagine gamers would have said "typical Nintendo" and moved along. But they didn't and we're here.
Only way to go is up from here though, so I'm not worried, and look forward to seeing what Nintendo does in their online future.

The 10th Rider158d ago

That and messaging/voice chat.

wonderfulmonkeyman158d ago

Fixing how they implement chat functions would go a looooooong way towards winning back some good-will and confidence.
I agree that we should give it a chance, but asking us to use our phones for chat is a chance too far.
I'm probably alone in this, but my phone is such a piece of crap that it can't actually handle apps at the moment, so I wouldn't be able to use the chat even if I wanted to, doing it Nintendo's way.

In-system chat shouldn't be so difficult to support. I'm not even asking for Discord or anything complicated; just simple plug-in-a-head-set-and-talk stuff like the 3DS can do.

kevnb158d ago

the thing is that almost nobody uses in game chat for the most part.

Shiken158d ago

My only problem with it is how voice chat is handled. Everything else seems fine for 20 dollars a year TBH.

RainbowBrite158d ago

Yeah but to give the online a chance, you need to pay for the service, and then if its actually trash you are the one throwing your money to the wolves...
I'd gladly pay for it, but gimme some candy sugar daddy. You are not gonna bring me to your den with balloon fight, you know what I mean?

Blu3_Berry158d ago

I'm not giving them a pass while their online service still requires a smartphone app to talk to people.

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The story is too old to be commented.