15 Games That Were Way Better Than Expected

Here are 15 games that people thought wouldn't be great, but actually turned out to be awesome.

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strayanalog252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

I remember the huge negative reaction to Wind Waker because it was deemed "childish looking" and everyone wanted the real (and amazing) Space World 2000 demo. Admittedly, I was off-put at first, but remained on the fence until a demo released. So I drove down to my local On Cue when the moment arrived and saw what not being so judgmental could offer. Now, I consider it one of the very best Zelda games (though I still hate Tingle, that greedy the-world-can-die-until-I-rip- you-off a-hole).

Kingdom Battle: This was without a doubt the best surprise I've had in gaming in at least five years. When it leaked I thought it was interesting, but I wasn't really sold until I gave it some time and research. Glad I did, because the gameplay was terrific, offered good challenge, and the humor was great - not completely hilarious mind you, but it kept me entertained when I least expected it.‎

naruga251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

i completely agree with the article about Last Guardian , Wind Waker and MGr Rising ....though i had no doubt that Ueda with Last guardian will totally deliver ...TLG proved to be a real gem above many decent high rated games...also MGR catched me completely off guard as it was totally different form what Kojima first showed us and its wasa hellof fun and solid game ...At last Wind Waker i was sceptical along many others with its style of graphics but totally ended to be the 2nd best Zelda (together with Twilight Princess) game for my tastes, after BotW

GhostTurtle251d ago

Dude, I was crushed when I first saw WW. SW2000 demo looked SOO amazing for it's time. The possibilities.... Agree with everything you said. WW is one of the best Zelda games.

FallenAngel1984252d ago

I can only imagine the wtf thought process people had when Kingdom Hearts was first unveiled at E3 2001.

I’m certain nobody expected it to have the huge success that it received.

michellelynn0976251d ago

WW is a full fledged classic now and one of the best games ever released.

theshredded251d ago

Definitely Batman for me and dmc.

251d ago
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