Kazunori Yamauchi: There Are Still Things to Improve for a "Much, Much Better Gran Turismo"

Gran Turismo Sport Producer Kazunori Yamauchi feels that there are still things to work on in order to achieve a "Much, Much Better Gran Turismo."

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jokerisalive253d ago

make it you can save offline please.

LiViNgLeGaCY253d ago

This is literally the only thing I'm waiting for to make the jump.

Aggesan251d ago

Not trying to be a Dick, but why is this important? I understand for the minority who still sits on dial up modems from the last millenia, but for everyone with broadband it shouldn't really be an issue. Anyway, they can't allow offline save because off the license agreement with FIA. Personally I don't really care about FIA, but it is what it is.

CaptainOmega253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

True Dynamic weather would be nice. They have rain in one of the mission challenges but that’s it for the entire game. Would be cool to see Driveclub type weather effects in a GT game.

meganick253d ago

PD’s biggest issue is timeliness. It takes them forever to make these GT games, and they often cut corners to meet arbitrary deadlines.

windblowsagain253d ago

Just Needs

Shuffle mode for Multiplaayer.
Damage - Maybe next game will have it.

EazyC252d ago

Isn't damage a huge hurdle due to manufacturers' asking though? I think GT is behind the curve regardless.

jerethdagryphon250d ago

They have a damage model but car manufacturers force a limit on them because they dont want there cars getting mangled. Pd also uses gt to make bespoke demos for car companys to test cars. Most super car manufacturers are of with dents and scratches but thats it .besides done right a gt race should end with a car dirty but un harmed

RememberThe357252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Every complaint about GT has nothing to do with the diving. Sounds to me like they're using as many resources as possible on the driving and hoping they can make the rest of it pretty enough for us. I can't lie, I like their approach. I've been playing with all it's flaws and still have a blast.

Nodoze253d ago

SAVE SYSTEM SUCKS. I lost my entire garage and all cars. Kaz is spending way too much time racing and not nearly enough making games.

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The story is too old to be commented.