"The Era of 'Break-Out Indie Success' Is Long Dead"

Indie developers share their thoughts on the greatest challenges facing the industry in 2018.

Common themes included the more immediately obvious issues such as visibility, overcrowded and uncurated storefronts, and lack of access to funding. These issues are often self-replicating, because developers who struggle to gain exposure with their first game have no established platform from which to launch the second. With the number of games available on Steam having doubled in the last two years, smaller developers are struggling to breathe in the crush.

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wonderfulmonkeyman162d ago

A lot of them have been seeing success on the Switch's eshop.
The problem of oversaturation might occur there at some point soon, but not yet.

Myst-Vearn162d ago

there are just way too many awful (and I mean REALLY awful) indie games, which does not help.

shinoff2183162d ago

All I've been really playing are indie games on my ps4. I'm having a blast. There are many great indie games out there