Isn't it too soon for PlayStation 5?

Sure, the vision of more beautiful and bigger games is a great one, but we probably should leave it for now.

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ArchangelMike158d ago

No one is realistically expecting the PS5 within the next two years. Sony hasn't given any indications either, It's primarily just the media hype echo chamber that keeps regurgitating the same circular argument.

stefan_771157d ago

Except those who claim Sony confirmed it for next year

ILostMyMind156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Probably XB fanboys who argue that Sony needs new hardware to compete with XBX. Delusional indeed.

Septic156d ago

2020 is the earliest we'll see a PS5 imo . There's too much goodness in store for this gen

Eonjay156d ago

The next Playstation will be leagues above the latest Xbox. I don't think there will be much to compete against.

strifeblade156d ago


You really did losee your mind. I remember when the x came out, so many sany fanboys on this site all of a sudden started talking abut ps5. I swear they could not fathom that xbox was supperior to the ps4pro hardware

Skull521156d ago

If it is out in the next year it will be competing with the XBOX and not Microsofts next gen system which would be a fatal mistake. I don't think we'll see it until 20-21, we need more tech advancement.

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DigitalRaptor157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

You say that like it's true. Sony has indicated that PS4 sales have peaked, and the rest of PS4's major exclusives will be out by the end of 2019.

--- I'll re-post a pretty solid comment I saw yesterday from MrSec84 ---

"New generations come every 6 years, literally the only one that was stretched longer was the PS3 and that wasn't in all regions, since Sony's biggest (Europe) had a 6.5 year gap from PS3 to PS4.

PS2 was selling ridiculously well (better than any previous console), but that didn't stop Sony moving forward with the next gen.
As for your argument about Sony "Blowing Their Load", they have loads of developers and partners to the point where they could announce a bunch more PS4 games, on top of what they already have announced for PS4 and still bring a decent launch window worth of games for PS5 from Late 2019 and beyond.

The company's past calendar windows supports a 6 year gap between PS4's launch and PS5's.
PS4 Pro isn't selling as well as the base model, it's branded by Sony from launch as a mid-gen refresh of PS4, not a new start to the 8th gen.
That midpoint was three years, November 2019 is 3 more, plus the tech exists to vastly improve on what even PS4 Pro can do, like at least 3X the raw power of that system, in GPU performance alone, with architecture improvements PS5 can easily have at least 5X that level.
CPU improvements will be ridiculous, with Ryzen curbstomping the you know what out of Jaguar, Ryzen 2 and 3 are even better.
Navi GPUs can offer GTX 1080+ levels of power for around $250, that's retail price, not what Sony will pay for bulk hardware prices.

Tech is available for a 2019 to make a huge step up in performance over PS4, for the same kind of price point that system was launched for.
Even RAM will see the usual growth in volume of storage and bandwidth increases over PS4.

Sony have said PS4's sales have peaked, it's on a slow decline now.
Releasing PS5 Fall 2019 wouldn't cannibalise PS4's final years, because it would be targeted at the early adopters if next, PS4 will continue to sell to gamers looking for affordability and a great library of content.

Literally every argument for PS5 being more than 2 years away isn't based on any real evidence.
The tech is there, costs, volume of parts for production will be, importantly we're well into this generation, a standard length of time for a Sony games console and more importantly developers want a bigger canvas to make their art.
Devs have had issues with game performance due to the CPUs, they can do more, with more powerful tech as a baseline and they can't do native 4K, which will be the standard screen resolution soon.

There's nothing dumb about this at all, it's dumb to argue against the facts.
Unless 7nm hits any issues over the next 6 months we're getting PS5 holiday 2019."

MrSec84156d ago

Cheers for the kind words.
We heard all this from naysayers, back in 2012, when rumors of PS4 Dev Kits started doing the rounds.

Timing fits a 2019 launch, but because a certain few are getting anxious because they only bought a PS4 when Pro launched, they assume the generation started back in 2016.
It's been 4 and a half years, Sony never goes beyond 7 years, 6 years is their standard generational gap.

I could understand if there were reports about 7nm having production issues, but TSMC has already reported their initial tape out went well and mass production is in full swing.

I don't think we've heard about every PS4 game that 1st Party has in the works or 3rd party stuff, but even if Sony announces stuff for 2020 and beyond they support their platforms well into the next-gen.

Just wishing a new gen won't happen, doesn't make it truth.

The 10th Rider156d ago

Very well said. I think the currently announced titles also point to a 2019 launch as well, as they all should be out by the end of next year. Unless Sony announces more titles a few years out at this year's E3 I fully believe the PS5 is a Holiday 2019 or Spring 2020 release.

Kokyu156d ago

Mr.sec and you get it Ive been saying this for the last year or more I get down voted to hell when I do. Nice to see other people who understand the gaming market.

Kokyu156d ago


They dont have to wait for 7nm to be in full swing or ready. First gen Ryzen APUs are 12nm they could go with that and move Ps5 midgen refresh to 7nm giving the process an additional 3yrs to mature and work out problems.

super_cuddles156d ago

Nice post and exited for a new generation of Sony PlayStation soon!!

kevnb156d ago

the big problem right now is that ram is expensive, I imagine the ps5 will have quite a bit of it.

ABizzel1156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

The problem with a 2019 launch is price of hardware needed for a generation jump and cutting PS4 sells short.

Even if the ps4 reached its alleged peak, it’s still going to sell around 20m consoles again for 2018. And even if there is a fall off in 2019 it’s still going to be at least 15 - 18m for that year. Launching a PS5 holiday 2019 guarantees the PS4 won’t sell the well into 2020 which could easily be another +10 million in sales if Sony waited until 2020. The PS4 hardware is pure profit at this point, and anyone who runs a legitimate business knows you don’t cut your product / profit line short, and the PS4 is that. A 2020 PS4 launch nearly guarantees another 45m in sales for PS4 for 2018, 2019, and 2020 and a slow crawl for PS4 sells into 2021.

It also gives Sony time to create an APU with AMD featuring a 7nm Ryzen 2 cpu + 7nm Navi GPU with at least 12 TFLOPS of performance in a $399 - $499 console without taking a huge loss day 1, and giving the technology enough time to mature so there’s enough supply to meet the demand for not only PS5, but Xbox 4, and the PC market.

That extra year matters.

rainslacker156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Sony probably would have delayed the ps3 further If the 360 wasn't doing well for the prior year. The parts were expensive on launch, and not easily available to source for production.

Then only reason I think 2020 is more likely is because there aren't any dev kits available, and the ps4 itself is still selling quite well. On top of that Sony will want to get most of its current gen released be for marketing a new system

Anyhow, while 5-6 years has usually been the typical generation, there is no set rule that has to be the case. On top of that there is the mid gens, and the fact that a new gen isntnreally needed as soon as some people act like it is.

ImGumbyDammit156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

First, a console in 2019 will not be Navi. Sorry AMD isn't even releasing production samples for OEMs until later this year. Which means you won't see $500+ based discrete cards until early Spring 2019. There is no way AMD is going to be ready with an APU based on Navi with the power/heating requirements and at most importantly at a price point of a console within a year of its release. Actually, I take that back it won't be a year it will have to be ready less than 6 months after Navi is possibly released into production for actual GPU cards. Any 2019 console release means that AMD would have to have working Navi based APU and in large-scale production in May 2019 for Sony to release a console based on Navi for a Holiday 2019 release. Not to mention AMD is not going to be willing to cut into there ability to compete with Nvidia at that lucrative actual dedicate card market so early (where they make actual money not scaps from an APU in a console). Just look at scaling now with Vega. AMD can't even get out the Vega-based APU almost a year after that GPU was released running at PS4 levels (only 1.74 TFLOPS for 2400g APU and at $160). AMD's promised better APU has been delayed because of issues. And even that APU only gets to the sphere of the X and at over $250 price tag for the board. So scaling this chips takes time and Navi will not be ready that early. Do not forget that the APU on a console priced at $399 must be around $140 (and that is for both Ryzen and a GPU combined) And bulk-pricing will not cut $100 off a $250 device. So, don't expect that Navi in anything in 2019. Maybe in 2020 if the capability and price point can be reached and of course if AMD can keep on schedule. Also, note the rumors, the rumor states 11TFLOPS for the PS4. That is within the range of the Vega capabilities. And forget Vega is also is being moved downed to 7nm.

ImGumbyDammit156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

^^^ Edit: I meant the rumored 11 TFLOPS for PS5 (obviously not PS4 as I mentioned above)

OmnislashVer36156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

GDDR6 though... It's only 15-20% more expensive than GDDR5 but no card has it yet. 2020 may be realistic for this, but I wouldn't complain in the slightest if we got PS5 in 2019.

2019 or 2020 is fine with me.

Spacebilly156d ago

I agree with you Raptor. Very well said, not much I can add.

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kevnb156d ago

i can see them release it holiday 2020, the ps4 would still have some support for the first year the ps5 is available I imagine.

FinalFantasyFanatic155d ago

Sony confirmed there's no hardware at this year's E3 and no one has dev kits, I can't see it being announced next year either. 2020 is the absolute earliest we can expect it, I don't know why so many people want it to release earlier.

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chrisx158d ago

the only people talking about Ps5 are you journalists. no one else.

yellowgerbil156d ago

I'm talking about it, does that mean I have a lucrative future as a game journalist? Or that I'm just a fan who can't get enough awesome PlayStation

JackBNimble156d ago

You're right, lately there has been one article after another. It's almost like there's nothing else to talk about... kind of crazy with all these exclusives come out one after another

blackblades156d ago

It started when the rumors started, with a rumor of dev kits and some other rumor which I forgot what it was.

KickSpinFilter156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Actually it started at the launch of the XB1x. Still does not change the fact were not going to see a PS5 till 2020
A 2019 announcement would be a 25 year anniversary in Japan, and a 2020 release would be the 25 anniversary for US/other territories. 7nm becomes more affordable and mainstream. A huge parallel launch with TLOU2 in 2020, This makes sense because Days Gone developer said DG would be out before TLOU2 and DG is out in 2019

chrisx158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

why don't we all just wait till Sony officially talks about it.

Gardenia156d ago

Exactly. Sony has never officially confirmed anything about the PS5 yet. Obviously it is just for the clicks

Nyxus158d ago

It's too soon, I don't get why we see 3+ PS5 articles a day now. Now that Sony has made clear it won't be at E3, can we focus on the upcoming games now?

RauLeCreuset156d ago

Right? It's like people still find a way to circle back to where they want to be.

"No new hardware at E3?"

"Aha! They must be saving it for TGS!"

Sony is in a pretty good position to wait. They're atop the sales. Ninty has a good seller of their own, but it won't match PS4 sales anytime soon if ever, and Ninty has absolutely no reason to introduce another console. MS does. They can use a "reset" on the current landscape. However, they just released the X. They can't keep pushing out new hardware to reinvigorate their base. At some point, the leap of faith their consumers take on their hardware is going to have to be rewarded by exclusive software.

Araragifeels 156d ago

Well it won't be announced on this year E3 for sure but rather it will have it own PlayStation Conference(probably 2019 or 2020 PlayStation Experience) and they will tease the next console starting with next gen controller and showing us another amazing trailer of PS1-PS4 generation, and then announced 2nd/3rd party games partnerships and 1st Party game been work by home Studio.Then on E3 show the console and its game.

Kokyu156d ago

Because the market and Sony have admitted Ps4 has hit the peak and is on a downward slide not to mention the power gap between Ryzen and Bulldozer based cpus is night and days. The tech is there, the market conditions are there and whether people like it or not the demand is building from devs and consumers for new tech.

Nyxus156d ago

Of course but not yet. 2020 is fine.

rainslacker156d ago

The demand from consumers and devs can hold out to 2020 though. Any game that just started for next gen, or even started a year ago based on potential specs, wouldn't release before 2020.anyhow. for Sony at least, they have enough software to carry them through next year.

And finally, the consumer demand isn't as high as it would seem on here, because not everyone is chomping at the bit for 4k, or even thinks the actual software has peaked for this gen.

Furthermore, the longer Sony waits the less chance ms can one up them with their next console, because ms is in a much weaker position in terms of needing a new gen to reboot their hardware sales.

Rude-ro156d ago

Ps2 showed a small decline previous to the price cut of which made it sky rocket to the level we all know now.
The games still provide unrivaled quality and it is time for price cuts before mentioning a new console.
Any intelligence in business knows that is what the first “decline” in any product means... it has peaked within its price range, not quality.
As long as Sony goes reverse/forward compatibility, there is no concern if new hardware comes out tomorrow... in the long run in the near future, a cheaper ps4 will do better than a ps5 globally just like the ps2 did to the ps3.

Silly gameAr158d ago

Yes. The barrage of PS5 articles are kind of confusing since Sony hasn't even mentioned or hinted at the ps5 coming out soon.