Are We Edging Closer to a PS5 Announcement?

It's more than just an idea, this article explores how Sony might consider their approach to a PlayStation 5.

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yellowgerbil257d ago

December, with a Nov 2019 release. Ghost of Tsushima will be PS5 exclusive and TLOU2 and DEATH STRANDING will be cross platform, with Death Stranding being a launch title.

yellowgerbil256d ago

Care to elaborate? No gameplay has been shown of any of those games, I think the reason is because they are hiding that it is clearly next gen

Shiken256d ago


Sony would not intentionally reveal an exclusive PS5 game before the PS5 is announced. This is not an old game that went through development hell, later to be revived the following gen (Last Guardian). It would serve nothing else than to put a bad taste in the mouth of fans. A cross gen version might happen, but I can assure you anything we have seen is more than likely a guarantee for PS4.

Also it is more likely that it will come in 2020, giving the PS4 Pro a full three years on the market. It would be a major spit in the face to release something before then.

Lets not even talk about the inflation of GPU chips right now. Until they come back down from this whole bitcoin fiasco, we will not be seeing anything new I am sure.

fr0sty255d ago

Keep in mind the dynamic this gen is different. The same software can very easily be ran on multiple systems across multiple generations now, so it is very likely that Sony will employ some sort of system that blurs the generational lines... I could see, in order to make devs happy because they don't have to reset the install base each gen, them allowing maybe PS4 Pro to play scaled down versions of a PS5 game, at much lower resolutions and framerate, etc... PS5 gives the stock experience, PS5 Pro the full experience. A 3 system, 2 generation spread giving that sort of forward-backward compatibility with the same games would be a developer's dream, and it helps Sony keep selling systems as well, as people don't have to wait through launch title hell to get to the good games... game development could be taking a new direction now for consoles.

Kiwi66256d ago

Those games could be shown at E3

yellowgerbil256d ago

Loom back to watchdogs and 1313 both were reveLed before the next gen was announced but it was clear that they were next gen games, I'd say ghost of tsushima is Dec ps5 and it would make sense for the other 2 to release on both gens like Zelda did

Ceaser9857361256d ago

Its already confirmed those games GOT, DS, LOU2 will reveal their very first gameplay this E3. Thats why i say always research and then come here and comment.

Kiwi66255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

@ceaser he was saying about no gameplay being shown yet and so I said about E3 so it doesn't matter if I said "could" or "will be" as i did say E3 so why not tell him to do research then

DaMist255d ago

@Shiken not that I agree with yellow gerbil, but he said launch title, not ps5 exclusive. Which yeah I can see your point of that being bad news if it were, but I can see death stranding releasing go both consoles as a day 1 ps5 title.

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Ceaser9857361256d ago

Lol! Mr Yellow
PS5 games are under development. The games show this gen are all PS4 exclusives which will make their way to PS5 as well. GOT is a PS4 exclusive releasing next year. I mean dont you watch trailers and talks shows post gaming conference. Every games shown are running on the PS4/pro. And then you come here and say Otherwise..

Ceaser9857361255d ago

Kiwi i said it to him. Not you. Sorry for the misunderstanding..

KwietStorm256d ago

PS4 is 4 1/2 years old. Obviously it's not new anymore, but those game you say are "clearly next gen" have plenty of time for release. God of War II came out *after* PS3 released. The Last of Us came out the same year PS4 did. They have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to first party content. There is no reason to be forcing anything, and this media rush to get the PS5 out is getting a little ridiculous now.

Ghost of Tsushima was barely announced 6 months ago, and with all the other games that have been consistently releasing, showing gameplay just for the sake of showing it not only takes away from the more current releases, but then you're gonna have people complaining about those releases without dates.

Araragifeels 256d ago

Death Stranding, TLOU Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man is already confirmed that those titles is the only main focus of PlayStation E3 First Party game. So can already expect gameplay to be finally showed.

conanlifts255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

That sounds reasonable. At the latest i would say march 2020, but nov 2019 is looking likely. I also think it will launch at the same time as TLou 2 as you say. But rather than next gen i think backwards compatible. So ps4 pro dynamic resolution, ps5 stable resolution for TLOU 2 plus tweaks.

yellowgerbil255d ago

Yeah that could happen but I think they'll want people knowing they work with ps5 so could see them making it a new package that says works with ps4 and 5 that way they can use it to promote their new system too, because the ps4 took some criticisms early on for not having games

JackBNimble255d ago

Sony always seems to release new consoles during the holiday season. My best guess is holiday 2019 or 2020 at the latest.
Just my thoughts, I don't have a crystal ball so I could be way off.

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The 10th Rider255d ago

The of those titles that I could see being cross gen is Death Stranding. I'm sure some third party titles will be, but I think backwards compatibility from here on out will also improve frame rate and maybe allow for a resolution boost. So Sony could show all those games running 4K 60fps on the PS5 without having to be ported over or anything like that.

Kumakai255d ago

No way. They’ll announce it at e3 2019 for a holiday 2020 release most likely. All of those titles you just mentioned are PS4 releases anyway. They wouldn’t just change direction. The ps5 will launch with something most likely not announced yet.... in at least 2020.

showtimefolks255d ago


i believe you are right and that is only because sony can do it 2 way or have 2 options:

1. release ps5 in fall 2019 and have the whole next gen market to themselves. They can use the slogan every games looks/plays better on our console and by the time next xbox comes out ps5 will have a install base of 10-15 million

2. release it in 2020 alongside xbox. As a long time PS fan i have zero doubts ps5 can dominate xbox 2 even if they launch same date but smart business says you launch in 2019 and get a year ahead start. By the time xbox 2 comes out ps5 would remain the lead console and publishers would have hard time passing up on a already set install base

for those of you saying reveal at E3 2019 and release in fall 2020 that's not the way ms or sony will do it. Expect a reveal event around GDC and more info to follow at same year's E3 than release same year during winter time

MS launched xbox360 a year before ps3 and we all know how well they did

but my biggest question is will MS release their next xbox in fall 2020 when they just came out with xbox x? fall 2021 in my opinion?

Xb1ps4255d ago

Good god peopl! Sony already said no new hardware.. why so desperate? The pro is great for now..

adonisisfree255d ago

That statement makes no sense whatsoever

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DarkZane256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

I disagree with you. Sony did say before that the PS3 life cycle, which was 7 years, was too long. So the PS4 having a 6 years life cycle and the PS5 releasing in 2019 is very much possible since they said the PS4 Pro didn't extend the life cycle of the PS4.

2019 or 2020 is definitely when the PS5 releases. Not earlier and not later than that.

ABizzel1255d ago


The hardware needed to make a generation evolution is not going to be affordable enough to stuff into a $400 console in 2019. 2020 is the year they need to wait for so GDDR6 is fully available, Ryzen 2 can be reproduced into low cost 6 or 8 core CPUs, and 7nm GPUs have their refresh and launch at reasonable prices for the mid-range with enough performance to aim for +10 TFLOPS.

Zen 2 is out now, it'll have a refresh in 2019 and Zen 3 (which is build upon Zen 2) will drop 2020. The PS5 will use low-powered CPUs based on Zen 2 / Zen 2 refresh / or Zen 3.

Navi should release this Summer, Navi refresh should release 2019, and Next-Gen GPU should release in 2020. If the GPU follows the same trends as the PS4 did, then it should be based on the Navi refresh with features from the Next-Gen GPU to boost overall performance and keep price affordable.

GDDR6 is scheduled for releases this year, by 2020 it will be the primary GRAM for mid/high end GPUs with HBM3/HBM4 ruling premium GPUs. This also gives the tech time to decrease in cost to fit up to 16GB into a PS5.

The PS5 can be made in 2019, but the cost won't be ready until 2020.

showtimefolks255d ago


bro you do know companies like ms,sony and nintendo buy in millions of items at once so they get the prices which us consumers will never get. Sony can get all those items at reasonable prices if they buy enough of them

but i agree with you on that sony has a very hard decision on their hands. Come out in 2020 alongside next xbox or come out a year early and have a 10 plus millions install base. Another thing i am interested in finding out is whether ms will come out with a new xbox in fall 2020 when they just came out with xbox x or are they looking at 2021

i was thinking fall 2020 like you but when sony announced their E3 plans it's kind of pointing towards a ps5 coming out in 2019. think about it sony could have waited with pro to be released alongside xbox x yet they came out a year early o put themselves in this position to come out ahead of next xbox. They understand better than ever before having a huge lead over your competition is great for business

babadivad255d ago


Zen 2 isn't out yet. The Ryzen 2000 series is built upon Zen+. A basically a small die shrink and slightly optimized version of the 1000 series. Zen 2[the true next gen to Zen] will begin sampling at the end of this year, with a release date scheduled for next year.

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stefan_771256d ago (Edited 256d ago )


Source? All I have found is Sony saying they want PS4 gen to be longer than PS3

Ceaser9857361256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

E3 2019 PS5 teaser and E3 2020 PS5 release date announced with Games.
And by early 2019 PS4 will cross 100 mil units sold.

Matrix6256d ago

Remember how/when they announced the PS4? Out of the ge blue and released 9 months later.
(Iike they popped out baby, lol) I wouldn't expect a PS5 announcement from Sony at any gaming conferences but their own.

dumahim255d ago

Recently, devs have said off the record they do not have dev kits yet and aren't aware of them existing yet. For a 2019 release, they'd have to be out there. Also, check out what Digital Foundry has to say.

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narsaku256d ago

At least someone gets it.

CyrusLemont256d ago

The sweet spot, I just hope to god they don’t go cheap on the CPU next gen, it needs to be the central focus to make those breakthrough game features. This gen was all about getting visuals up to speed, next gen will be about everything else.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is 100% a PS5 title. God of War 2 will be a PS5 title if they want it to be bigger and more interactive. The current one really pushed the PS4 to it’s limits.

DaMist255d ago

I know, God of war is the only title that makes my pro sound like a broken vacuum. And yes I've cleaned it lol

jronj255d ago

I think the lack of new game announcements at this E3 is a signal that it's on it's way. When the PS5 is announced they will want to debut stable of new games to go along side it. These new games will also be on the PS4 but will be feature PS5 titles to sell the system. A year head start on "Xbox 2" with new exclusives, 2019 is not out of the question.

WickedLester255d ago

I said the same thing. Watch throughout this year at Sony's game announcements at shows like E3, Paris Games Week, TGS, Playstation Event, etc. If we're not seeing a lot of new PS4 game announcements beyond what we already know about, that's a strong signal that PS5 is closer than people think.

CyberSentinel256d ago

Do we need really need PS5?
2020 at the earliest.

Eidolon256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

If sales stopped gens, we wouldn't have had a PS4 in 2013 or a PS3 in 2006. 2020 at the LATEST. Yes, it might cannibalize the sales of the PS4, but it will still sell. I think the Pro will be $300 by then and the base architecture, PS5 at $500.

The 10th Rider255d ago

Yeah, some games will still be cross gen. I think for at least two to three years into the generation we will see PS5/Xbox 2/PC games and PS5/Xbox 2/PS4/Xbox One/PC/Switch games. By then the PS4 should only be around $150 so I don't think it will have a difficult time continuing to sell.

sprinterboy255d ago

Plus Sony will announce a ps4 pro slim imo with a 4k drive

KwietStorm256d ago

So you're saying you need PS5 then..

Eidolon255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

I want it. Who doesn't? X1X is looking tantalizing for my expensive 4K TV.

narsaku256d ago

So we're up to what now?.. 5+ articles a day about PS5?

Man there's going to be like 2000 articles of this shit before it's even announced.

G3ng4r255d ago

These won't get much less common either. Everyone's expecting it because it's time.

255d ago
OffRoadKing255d ago

Agree with you but the same thing happened with x, there was a project scorpio article every other hour, its just par for the course.

FinalFantasyFanatic255d ago

So we have to endure all these articles for the next 2 years or do?