Square Enix Promises Multiple Blockbuster and Medium Games; MMORPGs Will Focus on User Retention

Square Enix teases major releases for established and new IPs, multiple blockbuster and medium-sized games, and a focus on retention for its MMORPGs.

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PhoenixUp187d ago

It’d be great if Dragon Quest X did get localized, although I doubt it will

Platformgamer186d ago

one long kingdom hearts 3 gameplay trailer is enough for me.
i want to know something about FF7 remake too and, god please, eidos making something with the gex IP

2BlackBelt186d ago

3rd Birthday sequel baby!

Platformgamer186d ago

i prefer a parasite eve 1-2 remake and then a reboot sequel that cancel 3rd birthday existence

186d ago
thatguyhayat186d ago

Hope they announce the kingdom hearts 3 release date. Wont hold my breathe for final fantasy 7 remake