Anthem may not be monetized at launch

Following its hard-learned lesson with Battlefront II, EA may hold off on monetizing Anthem at launch. Top EA execs might've given clues that Anthem's live services will roll out post-release instead of at launch.

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Nyxus161d ago

It will probably be built around monetization anyway, wether they choose to go all out from the start or what a little while to sucker people in.

porkChop161d ago

You could be right. Though recently EA has been pushing out some of the older execs, making room for younger and more progressive people to get the company back on track.

I'm not going to hold my breath but we could, maybe, see an improvement from them. They've done it before, back in 07-09. We'll see.

-Foxtrot161d ago

If so it’ll be a huge thing where EA will make out it’s for the players so at a first glance it’ll look like an amazing victory not realising they’ll be in later

Aceman18160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Ok I'll be avoiding Anthem then, EA can go kiss my a$$. I'll be avoiding all EA games now.

Relientk77160d ago

EA if you're gonna screw us just do it from the beginning. I'd hate that if I bought Anthem at launch, and then they tricked everyone and snuck microtransactions in later. I don't wanna support that trash.

PhantomS42160d ago

I can imagine the marketing push will be "and no microtransactions at launch*" with an emphasis on "at launch" but will avoid any questions about MTs in the future.

indyman7777160d ago

The other popular sales pitch (actually more popular) is: we have no PLANS to put Micro transactions in.

indyman7777160d ago

Good point because usually 90% of sales come in the first 80 days. Most people will be in then they will screw people. At least 50% will have sold in the first week. EA is just like the Devil.

quent160d ago

The dealer always gives a little taste

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The story is too old to be commented.