SEGA Should Consider Coming Out of Hardware Retirement

With the current state of the gaming industry today, a company with the background and experience such as SEGA could make a big splash if it would be willing to invest back into the hardware market.

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Nyxus257d ago

That would be awesome but I don't see it happening.

WilliamSheridan256d ago

Definitely not. That would be a disaster. There is no room for another console. It's always a2 console world. (2 + Nintendo, they are their own thing)

Psychosious256d ago

Why do people allow Nintendo to get away with bs like no online functionality, bricking consoles due to third party docks, convoluted chat support, never reducing prices on their excusives. Ffs, Nintendo be throwing it with no
Lube and they keep customers begging for more.

WilliamSheridan255d ago

Nintendo won't last forever. Eventually people will realize the system is only good for the 15 life time exclusives it gets. Nintendo should just go third party at this point. Third party sales have to be abysmal.

mcstorm255d ago

@WilliamSheridan how long have you been a gamer for? Also look at the top 10 selling grams every year and you will see a trend of games people want.

As for sega coming back into the race I don't think that would work but them becoming a partner with one of the 3 in the market that would be amazing. Sony are like Nintendo they have some amazing IPS that they don't use enough. Look at the DC for an example games like crazy taxi, jsr, Sega GT even newer IPS like sonic all star racing have done well. The one up they keep going with sonic is the one they struggle with as the flip to 3d world has not really worked since adventures although I enjoyed lost worlds.

rainslacker255d ago

I think it would take much more than just the Sega name. Nostalgia can be a powerful thing, but it doesn't mean that their new system would sell well because of it. They would have to make a good enough console to actually attract customers, and they'd still have to get the support from 3rd party, which aren't going to dive in just because of nostalgia.

343_Guilty_Spark257d ago

They make more money then they ever did in hardware

1-pwnsause-1256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

thats because the people who worked behind the scenes back in the day were dumb as F***....Im sure if they have a decent mangement who can make smart decisions over there, they would be making money on hardware, because that has always been their problem, management...their executives are Dumb as hell, although it looks like they're fixing that...

the software is there...they have the library and IPs ( a lot of them with a variety of Genres, and they where pretty good)....its more about executing it the right way.....the Dreamcast came out at a time when consumers lost faith in sega after the 32x and saturn failure, at the same time, consumers where super hyped about playstation, and why not...Sony as the underdog at the time made sure their hardware was popular.

if Sega where to make new hardware right now, im sure people, especially someone like me, would buy a Sega system.

Sega as a hardware company has always been ahead of the curve mind you, their hardware was always ahead of their time.. I mean look at the dreamcast, the ability to play games in 480P in VGA mode, and of course the first company to have a somewhat organized online network and on just a dial up connection, at the end of their run with the dreamcast, they were releasing a ethernet expansion to allow games to run on an ethernet cord online....Sadly the Dreamcast had to pay for the sins of the saturn and the 32x...

EDIT: my only Sega System that I owned was a game gear back in the early 90s, but i would go to my cousins house just to play on genesis although i owned a SNES... the Genesis/Mega Drive was awesome, and the games were dope as hell. i had respect for Sega consoles, cause they indeed did things that Nintendo didnt...

CorndogBurglar256d ago

The Dreamcast was awesome and it had my two favorite games at the time, MvC2 and Soulcalibur.

It just didn't have the selection of games the others had. And it arrived late in the gen if I remember correctly.

I LOVED my Genesis. I had the CD also, which was kind of silly looking back, but at the time, 13 year old Me played the hell out of it.

1-pwnsause-1256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

it arrived early in the gen, it came out in 98 in Japan, while it came out on 9/9/99 in the US.

And it had more than just MvC 2 and Soul Calibur, CvS 1&2, every Capcom Game Ever, it had like every Sega Arcade Game ever (the Naomi Hardware was pretty much a dreamcast on crack), it had a dope Beserk Game at the time, a s**t ton of multiplayer games, Jet set Radio,chu-chu rocket, powerstone 1&2, a bunch of dope racing games (24 hrs of Lemans was my favorite), Phantasy Star online ( still being played online to this day), pretty much every midway game (RIP MIDWAY), and much more....

If Sega where to come back to the hardware market, i would buy it and put it next to my PS5 and the switch, cause i know if they go back to hardware, they will push their 1st party games out there, especially their arcade games.

i was playing the propellar arena game on the dreamcast the other day (unreleased game but was ready to distribute if it werent for the 9/11 attacks) and that game was like a reminder to me why Sega rules arcades, it was fun as hell.

OmnislashVer36256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Corndog Burglar

Exactly, Dreamcast was cutting edge but just didn't stand a chance against PS2. It was simply the right console at the wrong time. They likely had no clue Sony would demolish like that.

Now the market is different. There are really only two choices, multiplats will be available, and they're in the same class as each other. Sega can do it now if they want. I don't see it happening, but they simply should.

Shiken256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

The Dreamcast was doomed not because of the PS2, timing, nor lack of good games (it had a great library for its time).

SEGA was already on the verge of bankruptcy due to the colossal failure of the SEGA Saturn. By the time the Dreamcast came out, they were on borrowed time. It is a shame because had that not been the case, I might have gone Dreamcast instead of PS2.

letsa_go256d ago

If they already have the software that they are releasing, why do they need new hardware of their own to put it out on? There are already 3 systems plus PC for them to choose from. And how can they have "always been ahead of the curve" when only one console was, and that was the one that did them in..and also it was only ahead of the curve until the ps2 came out! The genesis had a gimped VDP that only displayed 61 colors, and the saturn was underpowered for 3D compared to the PS1 & N64. The SMS had more colors than NES but that was about it.

1-pwnsause-1256d ago

thats why when sega as a hardware company died, a little bit inside me died... they had an impact with my life, with their hardware and their amazing slew of games... i played some crazy taxi at the barcade the other day at the barcade in st. marks NYC.... I cried a bit inside because of the nostalgia.

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1-pwnsause-1256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

"also it was only ahead of the curve until the ps2 came out!"

the dreamcast ahead of its time cause it allowed you to play games on 480p on VGA instaed of RCA 1998.... no console could do that at the time....SegaNET was a precursor to Xbox Live as well -_-.... Sega was always ahead of its time... the saturn did some interesting things too....not as resolution boosts but as the use of video codecs.... even in the past, Sega messed with the internet, just look at Sega Channel for instance.

look at the history of Sega and see what I'm talking about... Sega has did things that has contributed to the Gaming Industry...

2pacalypsenow257d ago

Lol why so they can loose again?

Eonjay257d ago

Well, the hardcore fans mostly migrated to Xbox (this was after the fall of the Dreamcast). This was supposed to be a retaliation for being raped by Sony with the PS1 and PS2. The money from Microsoft was supposed to validate them and overwhelm their rivals, but the closest they every got was 360 and that was beat by the PS3 and crushed by their original rival Nintendo. Sega's mantra was 'power' and 'blast processing' and how it made gaming better in much the same way Microsoft talks about 4K and the 'Beast'.

Xb1ps4256d ago

And you know this how eonjay? You knew every single person that owned a sega console and a Xbox console?

awdevoftw256d ago

You are correct on that. I hated Sony after the demise of Sega, and went xbox, but eventually grew to love the ps3 after getting red ringed.

DarXyde256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

SEGA can't even be mad with what happened with the PSOne. They grossly underestimated Sony because they were new to the game and released Saturn, what, a week after it was announced? I don't know what they thought would happen. People were not ready to drop that kind of dollar on a console at the drop of a hat.

Now if they are mad at Sony for the PS2, that's fair. Clearly, SEGA is willing to let bygones be bygones since PlayStation gets the lion's share of their Japanese games exclusively.


Also, as an aside: I was a hardcore SEGA fan and actually went to Nintendo during the N64 era for most of my gaming needs (though I did own a PSOne and Saturn). Dreamcast was the console to beat, but once PS2 started flourishing, it was an easy decision to go PlayStation. Xbox 360 had an early grip on me, but the Red Ring of Death and PS3 slowly gaining compelling software made the choice rather easy for me to stick with PS3--even the Wii had great exclusives that made it much harder to get back into Xbox (big fan of Project M, Mario Kart Wii, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom). I haven't the slightest inclination to return to my Xbox One after Cuphead, honestly. Maybe once Ori 2 hits, but then it's back to whenever it feels 'right', which I don't even know what that means at this point.

Eonjay256d ago


Its common knowledge that Xbox was originally for fanboys literally a spiritual successor for Deamcast and even oldschool fanboys like Digital Foundry's John Linneman gushes over Xbox In that same vein. He can't help it. But yes a lot of people know that Xbox was a symbol for the hate of Sony to a certain community and it was deliberate and linked in some ways to Sega's early support of Xbox.

Artemidorus255d ago

Dreamcast hands down were a better console than a Playstation 2.

It had games that sometimes looked better, online Internet, online multiplayer.

All Playstation 2 had at that time were a DVD player being the cheapest. It did improve though as time went on.

ShadowWolf712255d ago

That's also easily one of the most petty reasons to pick a system.

Xb1ps4255d ago

Wow... Xbox was for fanboys... good god... so what are you a fan girl?

DarXyde255d ago


"It had games that sometimes looked better, online Internet, online multiplayer. "

And yet, God of War II and Shadow of the Colossus (to name two) looked much better than anything Dreamcast ever produced. Also, PS2 had those online features too eventually.

Dreamcast was solid early on, but no, PS2's software eclipsed Dreamcast before long.

2pacalypsenow255d ago


But Dreamcast didn't have Grand Theft Auto 3 and Metal Gear Solid 2.

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FallenAngel1984256d ago

@ Eon

Why would Sega fans hate on PlayStation for Sega’s exit from the hardware market? Sega has themselves to blame for their terrible business decisions that led to their downfall. Their rival Nintendo was able to survive PS1 & PS2, but they themselves could not because their regional divisions couldn’t agree on everything.

Besides that plenty of PS1 gamers were Genesis owners.

Xb1ps4255d ago

Was just trying to help “that screw is loose” “you are going to lose that game”

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Araragifeels 257d ago

PC, PlayStation, Nintendo and XBox is already enough competition in the market. Sega won't do such thing knowing that they making money releasing games on multiple platform.

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