Bethesda almost confirms RAGE 2 with new tweets, may be revealed on May 14th

Yesterday and today, Bethesda tweeted some really interesting images, hinting towards a RAGE 2 reveal on May 14th. These tweets are coming after Walmart’s leak which – given the fact that Bethesda’s Pete Hines was a bit angry about it – appears to be legit, at least for RAGE 2.

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seanpitt23252d ago

I would be glad if it's rage 2 which it's looking very likely, really liked the first one the gunplay/gameplay was really impressive for its time with he id-tech5 technology would love to see what they can do now.

joab777252d ago

I believe the first one simply wasn’t finished.

Oschino1907252d ago

I think they had everything finished, they worked on it for easily over 4 years. IMO it had more to do with being conceived as console gens were changing and games in general were evolving and also changing publishers a few times which they said didn't hinder development but they still delayed it at least a year or so beyond expected launch.

It had a manual save system from a gen before it released and overall just felt like a older style game that would have blew minds in 2007 but wasn't finished until 2011. Kinda like some of the early ps4/x1 games that had next gen graphics but everything else was straight from last gen.

I liked it though, had a lot of cool ideas and unique blend of different genres in a fps centric game that felt like a classic fps from id but went in directions they never really explored before.

252d ago
Relientk77252d ago

I loved RAGE, omg can't wait for the reveal. Hope it comes out this year

InMyOpinion252d ago

Me too. Wildly underrated game imo and very happy to hear about this!

joab777252d ago

The first half was amazing...and then, it’s like they ran out of time.

angelsx252d ago

Rage was 60fps on x360 and ps3 right?

saoco252d ago

i think that was their big selling point. good graphics at 60 frames.

TheOttomatic91252d ago

I hope they drop the open world bits since they were completely pointless in the original game. However the linear shooting segments were the best parts of the game.

252d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.