Square Enix Announces Better-than-Expected Income Due to NieR: Automata, Final Fantasy XIV, and More

Square Enix announced higher income than expected thanks to older console games like NieR: Automata and MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV.

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Kashima159d ago

ffxiv is monthly sub based with a lot of pricy cosmetic cash shop stuffs like the 18$ glam sets that released this week, no wonder they make a lot of money of that, i see too many people roaming in my server with cash shops glams.

naruga159d ago

off course SE ...quality SP will be always successfull and when you dont try to copy western idiotic trends and just remain authentivc/original , success is guaranteed

Derceto158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

This statement is comical beyond belief.

Stay "authentic/original" huh? Given this game is a hilariously bad WoW with an FF skin on it. They couldn't even copy WoW properly, as they used their hilariously antiquated combat system; made a worse weekly lockout system than WoW; their dungeon finder is worse than WoW ; their progression system is worse than WoW, as everything you get is outdated in spectacularly short fashion to keep the drones mindlessly running the treadmill.

I could go on, but I'd be here all day. However, thanks for the genuine laughs.

"authentic/original" ;..... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Lovable158d ago

Lol yeah man. The carbuncle glam and mount was more expensive than the actual expansion and a few months sub, and people eat it like cake!

InKnight7s159d ago

Suprisingly the low budget, and very new game as Nier did amazing job and yet XV the 10 years of development game, did not even hit 10 millions althought its available on X1, Ps4, PC and supports 4K, HDR and FHD 60fps. SE and Tabata needs to listen to fans and stop making medicore experience and low fight set up like the ugliness of Levi fight and pathetic Ardyn fight. Furthermore, Tabata must stop to be stubborn and he confess that FFXV managment is so poor espeacily with unfinished story, cutting of contents like insomnia and so, and adding DLCs as low effort episodes that add nothing to core game. SE should had learnt from The Witcher 3 and how to do a great game.

I excuse SE because they always have these die hard defenders for their underwheliming products, as example FFXIII, FFXV and FFNT defenders.

Greg2801159d ago

Wow there mate xD
The title said Final Fantasy XiV(14), not Final Fantasy XV(15)

TricksterArrow159d ago

FFXV is doing fine, otherwise the DLCs would be canned and the team would move on. Chill.

Razmiran158d ago

Most of the game was already done when the witcher 3 came out
Tabata cleaned up the managment, thats why the game was able to come out at all

gamer7804159d ago

probably why there are rumors of Nier2 coming to xbox finally.

The_Jackel159d ago

where are these romours? i honestly havent see one, but seen ppl comment on here about it :/

gamer7804158d ago

original news source:

claiming multiple anonymous sources.

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Razmiran158d ago

It will sell like 4 units
Xbox users will see its not a multiplayer shooter and ignore it

AKS158d ago

Nier: Automata is a fantastic game. I have it for both Pro and PC. My GotY for 2017.

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lociefer159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Then can we for the love of god get more creative ips like nier ?

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