Sega Aims to Expand Sales of its Japanese Games in the West; Plans to Create New IPs

Sega disclosed its financial results for fiscal year 2018. The publisher plans to further strengthen the global expansion of Japanese titles.

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DivineBliss160d ago

How about PSO1 on every system with online support?

Shiken161d ago

But Japanese games are a niche market, right crapgamer?

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InKnight7s160d ago

How about not releasing important titles like Yakuza 6 in a week of big hits like GOW?

Yakuza 6 could have did so better performance if it would release this month or june or even a 2 weeks before GOW to give people a chance to play it and create a big hype and stream for it.

CDbiggen160d ago

Definitely this. Not sure how they could've been so stupid.

Aclancy83160d ago

I have posting this prediction everywhere and I’m gonna do it again. Sega to announce partnership with Microsoft similar to what they did with the original Xbox at E3. Now I don’t own an XB1 yet but if it had some Japanese exclusives coming, I might have to pick one up.

TheCommentator160d ago

I found this article to be rather interesting (but I'm sure you already knew this):

It certainly makes your prediction plausible and I've thought the same thing.

indyman7777160d ago

If it works out then I would expect announcements being held over until E3. Strategic timing. Win E3 win fans. Then Microsoft would have access to some big games already successful. Plus some that just needs to be translated and bought over for supporting the west. I think it would be a good buy for Microsoft. Not sure for Sega since Microsoft seems to Micro manage developers into obscurity.

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