Virtual Console's Death And Hope For The Future

Nintendo may have killed off the Virtual Console, but what does this mean for the future of the company, and the preservation of video games as a whole?

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narsaku255d ago

Torrent website -> Snes emulator/Rom collection -> Done.

Could have done that on a Walmart laptop 15 years ago. Grats to all those stupid enough to buy the same game 5 times.

marloc_x255d ago

Pretty fun handing a buddy a Joycon, to battle up the Mario Bros leaderboard..

..enjoy your old Walmart laptop though, champ..😉

gamer7804255d ago

Just is pushing people to buy retropi instead.

awdevoftw255d ago

Pretty sure they killed it so you have to rebuy the games you already bought. But, that's nintendo.

Einhander1971255d ago

Preservation means shit to most on this site, being a true gamer I love everything from old to new. Hopefully future generations will appreciate this amazing mediums heritage. Oh and go play on your laptop I’ll stick to REAL hardware thanks.

FallenAngel1984255d ago

Virtual Console was one of my favorite features on Wii & Wii U

marloc_x255d ago

..only the banner is gone😌