Persona 5, NieR: Automata, NiOh, Yakuza Devs and More Discuss the Renaissance of Japanese Games

A charming documentary stars well-known developers from beloved Japanese series as they talk about the resurgence of local games worldwide.

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InKnight7s1070d ago

What really happened to Japanese games that the market wasn't so informative about Japan, I mean when PS3 happened japanese devs didn't like it or wasn't knowladgeable about the market need, so they kept releasing Gundam game which no one cares about in the west due to complxity reasons. Furthermore, Level 5 games were excellent and presented best games ever on PS2, but when it came to PS3 they were too medicore and for some reasons Japanese tend to lower the action and awesome animations from their games all the time and FFXIII and White Knight are great examples, their trailers were awesome the actual products were meh. Lastly, the "FFXIII" destroys last gen Japanese comeback for sure, it has too shallow experience, waisted potentials, 20 hours of prolouge with most boring linearity and repeatiing one pattern all the time. Furthermore, SE decided to force XIII rather than let it go, I mean VersusXIII was really important as well as Agito, but for the very first time SE decided to produce 2 sequels and yet these sequels were excellent but never get the trust and hype of the the OG, also, these sequels were weird almost no story relation except characters. That killed it. Furthemore, Dissidia, Crisis Core, KHBBS and The 3rd Birthday were the best but again due to weird SE managment they release it in portables. After a while some developers from SE actually regrets releasing some titles as portable titles. Luckly, this gen Japanese dev were more than just huge budget SE lost potential games.

CBaoth1070d ago

fantastic piece. Did not know the lead director of RE7 was one of the people responsible for Tenchu. My god Capcom, get this man to make a spiritual successor

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