Sony-backed Japan Display launches new high-end VR screens that could power PSVR 2

Japan Display, a joint venture between Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba, today announced separate 1,001-pixel-per-inch (PPI) and 803PPI displays specifically designed for VR use. While the new screens boast visual improvements that set the stage for a second-generation PlayStation VR, they also hint at a future market trend in VR design: lower-size, lower-weight headsets.

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ArchangelMike163d ago

Awesome news, it's good to hear that Sony are still investing in the VR market.

DigitalRaptor163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Really good news.

Looking forward to seeing what they can do with the next generation of VR. Will be cool to see them make use of foveated rendering.

If the focus is also on lower-size and lower-weight headsets, well the first iteration was already the lightest and most ergonomically designed headset of all those it was competing against, so I have faith that Dr. Marks and team can put together another impressive piece of kit.

UltraNova162d ago

I need two things from PSVR 2. To be Wireless and a vastly superior made-for-PSVR tracking system.

Aenea162d ago

And the first will not be in PSVR2...

What I need in PSVR2 is a thinner cable, awesome tracking system and a much, much higher resolution screen (or screens) for use with the PS5 which should have builtin VR support. Also it should have eye tracking which will help with rendering (foveated rendering)...

subtenko162d ago

lets make sure its just not about higher resolution, lets get better gameplay tracking and controllers and better placements for cords n stuff. Maybe air ducts too because I dont think you want rumble feature, but some air fans would be cool.

Chicago8506162d ago

I'll b watching this news closely.

My Launched PSVR may b traded in if this enhances things....traded in for this new model of course 😉

Game on

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The story is too old to be commented.