Hideo Kojima Hints Death Stranding Reveal Dates on Instagram Story & Twitter

Moments ago Reddit went insane over an Instagram story posted by Hideo Kojima. It has not been long since Kojima quit Konami and established his own Studio under Playstation’s 1st party exclusive game development wing.

Death Stranding, an upcoming horror video game, was teased a year ago and ever since then hardly any news has left the Kojima Productions Headquarter.

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DigitalRaptor213d ago

So Kojima is going to show the next reveal of Death Stranding in October at Paris Games Week?

I don't buy it. E3 is a month away.

Nitrowolf2213d ago

It wouldnt surprise me, not like the game been in development for to long

G3ng4r212d ago

Kojima and sony announced their partnership in making a game in december of 2015 and presumably began work on it. Development started slow. Not sure why, it uses the same engine as hzd. That'll be three years come e3.

Nitrowolf2212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

The game only really picked up development last year as confirmed by Kojima himself.
In fact this has been pretty openly known, despite Kojima partnership starting in 2015, and even showing trailers no engine even at that time was decided. Kojima was still shopping.

I think its been clear that whats been shown so far has essentially been proof of concept. Iirc the latest trailer is at least created with the decima engine. They only really been truly working on the game for a year, this goes without saying that the engine also has been modified. This is why many were surprised that Sony allowed Kojima to use their own studio engine.

G3ng4r212d ago

Oh, even earlier announcement than I expected.

FinalFantasyFanatic212d ago

I forget who said it but there was an article stating how surprised they were with the development speed of Kojima's team, so it may show up at E3.

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81BX212d ago

Well think of all the games we know are coming. There's plenty, so holding off isn't impossible. I don't really care for kojima but if you watched E3 he is loved. This new game could easily carry Paris game week by it's self. Like I said I don't really care for kojima but I'm more than interested in death stranding lol.

FITgamer212d ago

Why not? It's not like it's releasing this year.

Cernunnos212d ago

"Death Stranding, an upcoming horror video game, was teased a year ago"

Pretty sure it's never been announced as a horror game.

Goldby212d ago

And was announced 2 years ago.

It also isn't a 1st party team.

DarXyde212d ago

Assuming we can take anything away from this photo, it seems like we'll be seeing footage very soon at least (likely E3).

Either way, looking forward to actually seeing what the gameplay will be like.

MarineLineman212d ago

Whenever we finally get to see it action, all I know is I’m super hyped. It’s gonna be fantastic.

notachance212d ago

I just want to know what the hell kinda game it is..

Shiken212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

Silent Hills, reskinned to form a new IP...

That is my guess anyway. I hope it is too, so that something can actually come from that amazing PT demo we got years ago.

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